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Sep 18, 2019 at 9:45 PM
    1. K.E.R
      Hi Salamander. I recently tried to expand Limelite's 1.3 main sequencer to include also Tie and Pod modules. I almost managed it besides the fact that patterns C and D are not working correctly. I totally understand if you do not have time and motivation to solve that problem. But if you do I would appreciate it a lot. Anyway happy holidays and New Year 2019! Greetings from Finland also.
      Sincerely: Joakim
    2. Sacha
      Could you make a tutorial about how to make ensembles ready for use in a DAW, meaning I'm having issues with my ensemble not fitting inside a auto optimized window, tho it should regarding it's size, I have 15-inch (2880 x 1800) should be fitting no problem but it always sits behind the scrollbars :(
      1. herw
        Hi Sascha,
        yes that's a little bit difficult. I am using REAKTOR mainly in standalone but in Logic Pro X too.
        In Logic pro X you have to open the window for REAKTOR.
        Then open file/preferences/options and set wished sizes.
        Then change to view/ and activate f.i. large size.

        ciao herw
        PS i forget this procedure always too
        Jun 19, 2014
      2. Sacha
        Thanks for the reply herw, I know of this, my question is more focused on auto optimize option, I would like it to auto optimize to the correct size without having to modify that option. Like most factory ensembles will always lock to auto optimize size without scrollbars for me at least. Might stacked macro cause my size issues?
        Jun 19, 2014
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