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Jun 16, 2018
Apr 26, 2005
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My first message on the new forum! Yippee! Feb 26, 2014

scamo was last seen:
Jun 16, 2018
    1. elekkk909
      Good morning,
      I want to DELETE my Account on this N.I. FORUM permanently and with it all the data it contains; I did not find the procedure to do so, I look forward to your support. Thank you
    2. kndktr
      Hello! I am having issues updating my profile info, I like to stay up to date. I'm assuming I'm facing some sort of rate-limiting as I haven't made many posts, but I've been a product owner for nearly four years. Please help when you have a chance, thanks in advance!
    3. terrybritton
      scamo, I was wondering if we could have a separate Machine Jam topic area? Thanks for the great forum! Good folks here!
    4. BuckN2k

      Let me begin by saying I'm a huge fan of your Extreme Jog Fx mapping. I'm interested in duplicating your mapping to tailor my needs, yet I have no mapping experience and I'm finding a hard time trying to get info on how to learn it. If possible (and for a fee if necessary) would you be open to assisting me with my goal?
    5. Woopidoopi
      Hi ! I'm trying to reply to post regarding a broadcast issue, but the answer still gets considered as spam... Could you help me ?
    6. LincolnBanks
      Could you tell me if Native plan on doing more of the short tutorials for Maschine. Just so easy to follow and quick to learn ...
    7. tommy.hickman
      Hi, could you please tell me how i delete my forum account, thanks.
    8. Jan Brehmer
      Jan Brehmer
      hello, I was wondering if you could delete my NI-user forum account; I just don`t need it.
    9. subsonicwave
      Hi, I was wondering how to get my account updated to NI product owner. One of the mods told me to speak to Kier but don't know how to find him. I have many NI products registered. Thanks for any help.
    10. carlos r. rivera
      carlos r. rivera

      I wondered how to update my status. I have been an NI Product Owner since 2013 and saw that such is a label on your screen presence.

      Cheers and thanks

    11. scamo
      My first message on the new forum! Yippee!
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