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Feb 2, 1957 (Age: 63)


Moderator, 63, from London


If you have questions regarding NI products, please ask them on the NI Forums- not here. cheers Jan 22, 2016

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Feb 24, 2020
    1. Xenobyte
      Hello i'm trying to create post in Maschine section but i get this error:

      Your content can not be submitted. This is likely because your content is spam-like or contains inappropriate elements. Please change your content or try again later. If you still have problems, please contact an administrator.

      There is nothing inappropriate or spam like, no links or anything, can you help please?
    2. Jhonbpm
      After update 2.8.3 the controller dose Not work properly : When i press Shift Lock to take Snapshots the controller goes in that mode but it Not working , it not taking snapshots, and when i want to exit from Lock mode into Step mode the controller it not responding
    3. The Cloak
      The Cloak
      Hello, I want to sell my Maschine mk2, however it came with komplete select which I want to keep;Massive etc as i use it with logic! Can I do this? The only thing I want to sell is the hardware, with its integrated software basically!
    4. The Cloak
      The Cloak
      Hello, could you tell me how to change my forum profile name than you!
    5. JEF31
      Hello How to use the drum computer of maschine drum Collection in the kontakt player to make loop ? I don't have seen any documentation about this subject. Thanks for help me.
    6. filmcomposer
      Do you know how to reset metaphysical function samples and presets to factory??
    7. Brian Hill
      Brian Hill
      I have a fully functional mk1. I want to buy the software off of NI website. Will it work with the Maschine?
    8. StudioSouth
      hello people :)
      i have a problem with mij inputs no detection only can choose wasapi shared mode i got a new desktop on my old desktop i got no problems i cant record a sample from my computer
      1. StudioSouth
        i don't know if i can ask that question here .... sorry
        Dec 8, 2016
    9. IMAWriter
      I have never run NI in Standalone. I run Cubase (8.5.3/Mac VST) in my studio and no live gigs. I did do as requested, and ran Komplete Controller first in Standalone. But when I update, I just update now through the new update system. So why do I need to run things in Stand Alone. BTW, I have the awesome S88. Thanks much.
      1. sowari
        It initialises the library. Without doing that there are sometimes errors when using it in a DAW.
        Sep 28, 2016
    10. melatonin
      Hey Sowari, i'm a bit late in the day to this but through some searching i came upon a post about a white grains ensembled you edited to stop the preset resetting itself, was just wondering if you still had it around?
      1. sowari
        yes, but please ask on the Reaktor Forum
        Mar 23, 2016
      2. melatonin
        apologies i didn't see the note about asking on the forum above
        Mar 24, 2016
    11. bellaea
      1. sowari
        Sorry, I didn't download because I don't use Windows.
        Mar 9, 2016
      2. bellaea
        Thanks for letting me know!
        Mar 10, 2016
    12. sowari
      If you have questions regarding NI products, please ask them on the NI Forums- not here. cheers
      1. Paule likes this.
    13. emanuel austin
      emanuel austin
      Hi, My name is Emanuel and I'm new to Maschine MK2 and you seem to know your stuff. Sorry for dumb question but do I have to load my music instruments to a pad first to hear them. Wish I could just click one time to hear on computer first then load to pad? Hope you understand the question, if not maybe live chat can help. Looking forward to playing with MK2
      1. sowari
        Sorry, but you need to ask these questions on the Maschine Forum.
        Jan 22, 2016
    14. quarky4u
      Cheers will do-just telling everyone...
    15. quarky4u
      Can you tell every one, Apple OS X 10.11 - El Capitan fix is now out for AU Plugins such as Native Instruments Komplete Ultimate 10 etc not recognised by Logic Pro X-it works on my Mac..........BRILLIANT! Can you report to Apple to see if all Plugins recognised!
      1. sowari
        this is not really my job, maybe you should write on Keir @NI's profile. cheers
        Oct 23, 2015
    16. Jesse Springer
      Jesse Springer
      Hey there! I saw your reply prior to closing my post for being a "duplicate". If you read both posts, you'll see they're about different unrelated problems. The reply with the solution, however, was the same, so I can understand the confusion.
      1. sowari
        it seems you are correct. the fact you mentioned Monark in both threads and your solution was the same, made me think they were duplicate threads.
        Oct 2, 2015
    17. ProGressiff
      I'm sorry i gave you a thumbs down but i couldn't do anything else since you "closed" the post. (i'll undo it if you can make "sense").
      Did you read that i "asked" NI if "it's oké to trade". They say yes. "unused" licenses may be traded. So why not on the official forum?
      Maybe someone has a double expansion(UNREGISTERED). Should we just ignore the double soundpack and leave it unused?
      1. sowari
        Okay, I will ask some other Moderators what they think.
        Sep 29, 2015
    18. MaschineKid
      Hello. I received a Maschine Mikro not a long time ago. I was looking at videos on youtube and saw Jeremy Ellis and other artists using their Maschine Mikro with no color displayed, but when they hit a pad, the LED color shows up. I hope I put that into words you can understand. Is there a way for me to do that on my Maschine?
      1. sowari
        please ask questions like this on the Forum. cheers.
        Aug 26, 2015
    19. tray3line
      need help getting started
      1. sowari
        please post on the Forums
        Apr 21, 2015
    20. jean yvon dupuy
      jean yvon dupuy
      why my mac doesn't want to install complete 8? message apple store does not authorize this installation. some help please?
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    Feb 2, 1957 (Age: 63)
    Music Style:
    Free Improv, Electronica, Dubstep
    Main Instrument:
    Macbook running Reaktor Standalone, also Kore2, Maschine and occasiona
    Setup and Configuration:
    Macbook, Reaktor, Kore2, Maschine, Massive, Battery, also Pro Tools 7.4 for Audio stuff, and Logic 8 for Sequencing. For gigs, I use Reaktor standalone, also Reaktor in Kore2 with the Maschine Hardware Controller and the Kore Controller. Also I will be including Maschine Software in future gigs depending on the context.
    Random Quote:
    Improvisation is the key to creativity
    I am a freelance composer/musician working in experimental electronica and improvised music. I also work

    Chelsea supporter


    I use Maschine 2.4 Komplete Kontrol 1.5 and Komplete 10 with Ableton 9.6, Pro Tools 12 and sometimes Logic X.
    Macbook Pro OS 10.10.5