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1.2.5 with CDJ midi/hid fixed?

Discussion in 'DJ Controllers' started by Rogue75, Mar 25, 2010.

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  1. Rogue75

    Rogue75 Forum Member

    Can anyone confirm that their CDJ-400, 900, or 2000 works well with the new fix?
  2. nohiphop

    nohiphop NI Product Owner

    CDJ 400:
    it seems to work better over all,
    but the vibration issue is still there, also not as heavy as before.
    I can now use the encoder wheel for filter, pressing it to switch on/off -> great :)
  3. bigbeatzz

    bigbeatzz Forum Member

    @nohiphop: How is scratching on CDJ-400?
  4. dj_np

    dj_np New Member

    @nohiphop Hi there!
    I have question about jog in traktor.. i read your post about it and that it can be fixed inside of traktor.. is it possible to explane me how to do that please? (niki_p2000@yahoo.com) Thanks!

    All the best! Nikolay
  5. Rogue75

    Rogue75 Forum Member

    So my buddy got a CDJ-900 and we tested it live. And sure as hell it still skips.... maybe his firmware isn't updated. Gotta go check that later.
  6. phunkybeatz

    phunkybeatz New Member

    The HID support in traktor is still a big issue! I realy hope to see 100 % support for this players since me and lots of djs i know are planning to use cdjs in combination with Traktor..

    I really hope the platter issue will be fixed..

    Also it would be nice to have some info on the display, and fix the issue of the jogscreen.. because it looks like its skipping frames and stuff..

    I use the newest Traktor and latest firmware update for my cdj900 and 2000
    Really hope this will be fixed soon..
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