1.7 No Multicore Support? [Troll Mode OFF]

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by Panang Kae, Sep 2, 2011.

  1. Panang Kae

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    Sorry if I ve been too rude with Hitmaka,I definitely want to build not destroy but it makes no sense to me, and this is a totally personal opinion from the beginning to the end, there are users who defend a mistake as serious as this ,this is my first post complaining about multicore, and even complaining about anything against NI job. I will never forget the great gift that was 1.6 update, I did not even know it was possible when I buyed (all my tears were rolling... nah). To be honest, I speculate two possibilities , being optimistc and positive I see multicore support in next update or even in a 1.8.2, , on the other hand and I really hope I m not right but taking the example of other technological companies besides the fact that i m not too optimistic when dealing with companies wanting to grow up in a wild market and everything that entails, I see a big MULTICORE SUPPORT in the box of Maschine 2 grand opening, (with some accounts executives disguised as vampires... this last is brain skating -)
    I do not want to offend anyone, not even TROLLING, I m constructing here I just want to solve my problem and I think I have all the right to say what I think. Maybe I speculate about marketing plans and have been exposed for that, I don t care at all I just want to make music with no technical issues with a computer that has much more than the minimum hardware requirements posted on the box.
    Good luck to all

    Bad english I know. :confused:
  2. free hat

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    I am not disappointed by the lack of multicore support in the 1.7 update; I am disappointed of the lack of multicore support in general. If NI really wants to give us use of VSTs inside machine in a way that makes it a standalone digital groove production center, then we NEED multicore support. IMO this is more important than timestretch.
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  4. re8

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    HQ timestretch is important to "professional" tracks, because if someone else has a better timestretch than you (in many but not all genres), you will sound dated.

    I'm not to anal about multicore support, but I do think NI should atleast have some load-balancing, as in how Ableton Live will juggle VSTs' loads between cores. Not perfectly balanced, but close enough. So for NI products (esp if Machine is hosting VSTs), I think perhaps the main program could be on one core, while it's effects & plug-ins are balanced on other cores.

    BTW I think devs forget that newer CPUs don't really have faster & faster cores like PII-P4; they just add more cores, caches, faster busses, more efficient opcode optimizing, etc.

    BBTW, I think users forget that for most CPUs (newer Intels anyway), if you are slamming one core & not using the others, the CPU+OS will put those other cores into power-saving mode, & will automatically overclock the 1 core you are using. Not a huge boost, maybe 5-20%, but a bit more CPU headroom. By default Win7 & perhaps Vista does this for you. Also your OS & DAW should help work the other cores.
  5. flux302

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    Just as a reminder. Its been stated before that Multicore has been a problematic issue in the maschine engine. thats why it's not in there yet. I don't think anyone forgot how much it's needed. just that it's not a simple fix....
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    It may be worth pointing out that the next Traktor update is implementing it - which may indicate that NI are in a position to introduce it to Maschine soon too.
    Also - to my mind, multi-core support goes hand-in-hand with a workable linear song mode. As it stands, by the time I run out of processing power, I'm at the 'arrange in Ableton' stage, which means I can split Maschine into 2 instances if necessary.
  7. re8

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    Well, I assume different programs = different teams. Though I do hope they can swap notes.

    Honestly, not having multi-core support from the start makes me wonder about Machine & those in charge of programming it (higher-ups, not the lower programmers). We are a few years into mult-core CPUs, it should have had it from the start.
  8. BobTheDog

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    It possibly was done from the start but is not yet 'good enough' for general use yet.

    Finding decent developers with decent multi threading/ multi core/ multi processor skills for high performance or real time work is actually not that easy.
  9. justcharlie

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    It doesn't matter. NI should still have this done by now, they're an enormous company that makes products for millions of users. I don't buy any excuse that they're justified in not having done this by now. Shameful.
  10. Trakz

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    Fck the free talk. Imagine if FL Studio was ported too Osx? its userbase will quad.

    And im a mac user so theirs not really any optimizations that need to be done. F timestretch gimme my cores support. I do music on a pro level and sold off everything to stick to maschine.

    im not going to battle with anyone here but this needs to be #1 on the FR list
  11. BobTheDog

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    I remember why I stopped coming on these forums now!
  12. nicebeats

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    Simply put Multi should have been here from day one. There is no reason why NI should have held this back. What should have been held back until they got it working with multi and Time-stretch is Maschine> No need to bring out a product that can't do the basic's from day one.And then to not have had done by now is ridiculous. But it is all marketing on there integrate all of there plugins so that major players and home studios alike will go out and grab Maschine. We all know it's coming but so is equal rights and how long have we waited for that lol. For you anal people the equal rights thing was a joke.
  13. Ben6

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    Most of us NEED multicore support while most of us don't need Komplete 8 integration.
  14. TJ

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    Really well put Ben6. Or to put it another way most of us need multicore support MORE than komplete 8 integration but this was done because of the discontinuation of kore. ;)
  15. smithwessen

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    come on this is a trade off, name me 5 vsts that have multicore support while being hosted in any daw,

    it dont work like that, i link to a thread here


    its either the maschine community scrap using as a vst and utilize stand alone, or vice versa,

    both directions theres going to be nagging and crying blah blah bo who ho.

    or maybe a multicore stand alone and single core vst, but even then i can see the threads, my stand alone project works fine but when i use the same project in my daw my cpu cannot cope yadda yadda yadaa.

    for now utilize your tool and work around what ever obstacle is in your path.

    if it was easy then it would have been done to accomdate 1.6 vst support upgrade, but it is not as simple as that so i'm sittin by the side lines awaiting news as it was already announced that it will be included into future versions of maschine

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  16. EpikureeR

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    i just want to say that i also feel that its greatly needed, i just overclocked my cpu because i couldn't continue working :/
  17. hitmaka

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  18. flux302

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    Multicore does need to be there same as truncate wasn't in 1.0 release ... But then again as a company they have to make money. So you have to weigh development time vs when u release in order to stay profitable. If it was an easy thing I know it would already be there... They have already stated it's coming as soon as it's ready. Look at ableton live in it's 1.x days and see how much it's grown. The simple fact is that even nessisary needed features can take time and effort to properly implement. Fix one problem and 3 more may spring up as a result.
    I want it as bad as the next guy but at some point you have to work aroun your limitations. Those of us who have been using gear since the floppy disk days understand this. And with the way maschine can internally bounce it is not impossible to work around.
    Here is to looking forward to the bright future of multicore, better song arrangment, timestretch, better routing and more... Those of us who starte in the maschine 1.0 dad will be able to look back soon enough and marvel at where it started. I know it's hard to be patient. I'm the same way. But id rather gripe about things that are not already known and wing worked on.
  19. smithwessen

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    yea for sure, i been bouncing stuff keeping midi in place just in case i need to make alterations, internally bouncing is the key to freeing up cpu power.

    but yea , i aint got time to nag, i know its coming so not too fused as i make it work for me until i have the freedom of using all of the cores on my computer then my workflow may change for now my workflow is solid the way it is.
  20. bcoco85

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    source: http://www.linuxbloke.com/2009/06/29/the-difference-between-multithreaded-and-multicore-programming/
    the MIT offers a course for multicore programming: http://web.mit.edu/professional/short-programs/courses/concepts_multicore_programming.html

    seems to be easy hah...