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10 Suggestions for Improving the Library, Mix Planning, Cues, Streaming

Discussion in 'Feature Request' started by Almaz, Mar 8, 2020.

  1. Almaz

    Almaz NI Product Owner

    Hi friends, I would like to write some suggestions for the Traktor Team. I recently started using the Pro 3 traktor after I bought a used S8 at a good price. I like the S8, it's much cooler than all the controllers I've played on, I have the opportunity to play on different equipment in my city, in a DJ school, I tested the pioneer, Serato, Denon, Newmark, Roland and Traktor controllers. I can say with confidence that the integration of Traktor Pro 3 with traktor controllers is the best on the market. The game controller, the traktor is more fun than the pioneer. I feel that the traktor engineers have a good and deep understanding of the controller's interaction with the software.

    Still, I have some suggestions for the Traktor Pro 3.

    I had Pioneer-Serato SB3, Pioneer DDJ 800, and now S8. I know thoroughly rekordbox, Serato and now I'm learning Traktor Pro 3.

    Six months ago, I decided what to buy S8 or pioneer DDJ 800, I saw that rekorbox was actively developing, had already a beta version of beatport and soundcloud, and I still decided to buy pioneer, if we talk about rekordbox, I really like rekorbox, it has a simple design, many functions, and a very convenient library. Track filter, tags, smart lists. It took me a long time to decide to leave rekordbox, but I had to do it because the integration of pioneer and rekordbox hardware is very weak.

    I also missed a Remix deck or at least a link with Ableton.

    1. What I'm missing in Pro 3:

    - Ability to assign a color to each pad. Color can mark a place that makes sense to me, for example, green I mark places at the beginning of the track that are suitable for mixing, red at the end of the track, a place where I can output another track more than 50%, light green I have a place where I need to add percussion, and so on
    - See the signature of each pad. Yes, we can sign cues, but this is not as convenient as in Serato or Rekordbox, I would advise you to do it visually in the same way as in Serato or Rekorbox, because now the names are not visible if we do not click on this point.
    - Prepared captions for each pad color. When I put a green label at the beginning of a track, I write the type of instrument, vocals, pads, guitar, that is, I don't even need to listen to the track after loading it into the deck (first screenshot), based on the signature and color, I know what is happening in the track, also when I look at the pads on the controller and see different colors, I understand the structure of the track

    Therefore, the opportunity:
    - choose a color for each pad
    - see pad's signature all the time

    If you go further, you can make ready-made captions for each color, for example
    Green pad: pads, vocals, guitar, synth
    Red: middle speaker, empty space
    Light green: drums, percussion

    I would be happy to click on the pad, choose a color and a pre-prepared signature, and not waste time signing each cue. Often I used to rekordbox 10-12 cues, so an additional point I think it does not hurt.

    2. New window in Traktor Pro 3, as Ableton with integration of streaming services.

    - Mod Ableton
    - A tool for planning the mix
    - Streaming

    I think the level of DJ programs is quite far behind compared to the usual sequencer, where producers create music. DJ programs in comparison with Cubase or Ableton, resemble the 2003 E-jay, sorry, I do not want to offend anyone. Traktor and rekordbox have more or less good functionality, all others have a rather small opportunity.

    - Mod Ableton
    Now for recording studio mixes, Ableton is used, this is the standard in the field of recording mixes, there are similar programs like Mush Up 2 from Mixed in Key or old Mix Meister.
    And I have a question. Why don't we have this option in DJ programs?

    - A tool for planning the mix
    I have difficulties in planning a mix, I collect my library in Spotify, then transfer it to tidal through the service, then to tidal and Serato, I combine the mix. It takes a lot of time and money and for this method I have to have subscriptions to 3 services

    - Soundbiz (export, import music between music services)
    - Serato
    - Tidal

    The second method I used is:
    - Soundiz
    - Rekordbox
    - Beatport + Soundcloud + Local files

    Thanks to tags, I could manipulate this, but I spent a lot of time transferring music to the rekorbox library, since beatport only has about 30 % of the music from Spotify, and soundcloud has a lot of garbage.

    The second difficulty is that when we build a mix, I want to see the time intervals of the mix, for example, I make a mix for 1 hour. I want to divide the mix into 3 parts, and see how many tracks fit in the mix.
    It would look like this

    That's why the Ableton with streaming services is my dream
    This is a Spotify library from which I can drag tracks directly to the timeline as if it were a sample, then I can see the total time, divide it into time segments, plan the mix better, and most importantly, buy only the tracks that I need.

    It would have made the preparation of the mixes are very convenient.

    - Streaming:
    Please build in a Pro 3 streaming service, at least Tidal, but better Spotify.
    I understand that Spotify is not willing to cooperate, royalties are a difficult thing, but I have a suggestion. Offer a Spotify collaboration in a separate mod, like a sequencer, where DJs can drag tracks into the arrangement window and prepare it in parts and time, but can't use it when playing with controllers, this tool is only used for planning the mix and buying tracks. Thus, all you need from Spotify is only to give access to the library.

    3. Library
    Yes, guys, I think this is the weakest point of tractor Pro 3. Take the example of pioneer Rekordbox. Rekordbox is a very convenient program for organizing music. Because of the ability to fine-tune my library, I first bought a controller from pioneer, not from traktor, but after using the pioneer DDJ 800, I wanted to get away from it, I didn't like the integration, but I still miss the rekordbox, its tags, and the track filter.

    Please add:
    - Smart lists
    - Track filter
    - Tags
    - Spotify or Tidal integration

    And also I would advise to separate the collection shared with tracks from the collection with samples, It's not very nice to go and see this garbage from 2000 thousand files. Make a separate folder for samples, and leave full tracks that are larger than one minute in the collection. In Rekordbox, I could get around it with tags, I just clicked the Tech House tag and all the other files disappeared, in traktor it's not, so I have to look at all these jungles of One shots.

    I have everything so far. Thank you, let's make Traktor Pro 3 the best! As it was intended!