2.6 Headroom Settings, Main Level Indicators, and S4 Headphone Mix Monitor

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    I've scanned the forums for an explanation for the following weirdness regarding headroom settings, to no avail. I'd appreciate any insights:

    I'm running Traktor 2.6, Mac OS 10.7.4, and an S4.

    Adjusting "Headroom" in Mixer Preferences:
    -Affects Mix level in Headphone Monitor on the S4 (reduces level, good)
    -Affects S4 hardware Main LED, and the final output level is decreased accordingly (good)
    -BUT, does NOT affect software Main level indicators (i.e., the software Main indicators do not go down when I turn on the headroom, bad).

    Adjusting the Main level in the software:
    -Obviously, affects software Main level indicators (good)
    -Affects S4 hardware Main LED, and the final output level is adjusted accordingly (good)
    -BUT, does not affect Mix level in Headphone Monitor on the S4 (bad)

    What is going on? There must be an explanation for this behavior that I just don't get, or perhaps it is a bug.

    I like the idea of the headroom option, but it does not affect the software Main level indicator, which makes me wonder about the limiter engaging and/or accidental digital clipping here (or, I guess, inability to monitor software clipping, as the analogue Main output on my S4 is correctly reduced). I figured headroom and adjusting the main levels would do the same thing, but no, they don't.

    Final question, I recall reading on Native Instruments somewhere that the software Main levels can get into the red without the limiter engaging, and that the limiter only engages when the Main levels get to the absolute max--true?

    Thanks, pros.
  2. markino2003@mac.com

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    I have the same doubts, I'm using simultaneously all the S4 channels and in the manual the suggestion is to set the headroom to -13 but with this setup my headphone level is too low.
  3. makar1

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    If headroom affected the Main level indicators, it would be completely identical to turning your Master volume down i.e. pointless. The whole point of headroom is to give you some space without the indicators saying your volume is too low.

    Adjusting Headroom and Main level do the exact same thing to the Master audio as you're in a completely digital environment. The "red" in Traktor does not guarantee that your sound is clipping as you've shown already.

    Obviously the limiter will only come into play once your audio is genuinely clipping, not when some little meter goes a certain colour.