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2 x new laptops and still cracks and pops

Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by DJDaylightRobbery, Apr 15, 2008.

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  1. DJDaylightRobbery

    DJDaylightRobbery Forum Member

    Hey people,
    really disappointed so far. Have purchased 2 x laptops specifically for TS.
    1 x HP 6062ea - 1.9ghz Dual Core AMD x64 bit with 2 x gig ram running Vista (no SP1)
    This crackled and popped even on the highest setting (slow cpu). MP3s sounded ok until you listened carefully. WAVs vere totally unusable - the pitch was all over the place.

    So I tried to install XP - better but still crackly in places - just plain annoying really.

    Both times the system was stripped to its bare minimums, no AV and in accordance with TS' recommendations from their own destruction manual (I'm an IT infrastructure technician for a pretty huge european company so I pretty well know my stuff) ;) and still not satisfactory.

    Updated Traktor to the latest versions from t'interweb (havent tried the older version though from the CD - just the latest version - which should be better - right)?

    Anyway, having thrown toys well and truly out of pram I purchased a NON AMD laptop - HP again - G7000 laptop - Intel Core 2 duo 1.7ghz - 2meg ram - Vista home premium - same deal - same problem.

    So now I'm debating an HP DV 2799 at the pricely sum of £999 as it has Dual core 2.5ghz cpu with 6mb cache on board, 4gb ram, vista home premium but reading on here, people are running with far less than this with success.

    Surely I dont need such high specs to get the performance I demand from TS?

    Have updated everything I can possibly think of.

    The only other thing I noted is TS doesnt like shared GFX which both of these had.

    Anybody else tearing their hair out? Amazing product but geez... I dont know what to do next!
    Last edited: Apr 15, 2008
  2. wanya

    wanya New Member

    try these settings:
    sample rate : 44100 (you don`t have to play your music at 96000 , cause nearly all mp3`s are encoded in 41k)
    audio latency: 5-8
    in deck preferences - transport : cache 256 mb
    time stretch quality : PSOLA/or higher

    disable your bluetooth/wireless LAN

    if it does not work try to disable battery.exe - it should help
  3. TeLLy

    TeLLy NI Product Owner Extraordinaire

    ^^ACPI off, sampling at 44.1k like wanya said. I have my backup TS system (see the Vista laptop in my sig) at 44.1K and 8-ish ms latency with no clicks or pops, and I left ACPI on in Vista mainly cause I can't find a way to turn it off without Windows freaking out. I leave time stretch quality in the middle and I don't remember what cache I used but you do have to play around with that.

    I'm sure you've already turned off BT and wireless, make sure all unnecessary services (Spooler, etc) are also off.

    One thing I noticed was turning off the phase meter really helped. Found I didn't really need it as TS keeps you beatmatching with your ears anyway.
  4. DJDaylightRobbery

    DJDaylightRobbery Forum Member

    Thanks very much for the advice.
    I'm still thinking of getting the "beefed up" laptop with no shared video RAM and 4GB.
    Apparently SP1 on Vista makes a huge difference too.
    I havent altered any of the deck prefs as I dont really understand them and was hoping I wouldnt have to!
    The only thing with altering the sample rate is that I do have some WAVs which are higher quality and the system just cant take them.
    Strange though because the CPU doesnt max out ever - 60% is the most Ive ever seen it peak to.
    I gues traktor is pretty heavy on the bus, not just the CPU which is why again I'm thinking a canine's danglies lapdog may help erradicate the problem...?
    Any more infor from anyone else re settings, which version of the drivers for vista (people keep going on about the AISO driver - what is that)? - I know about the Audio 8 driver.
    Also does SP1 for vista really make that huge a difference?

    Thanks people.

    Really appreciate the help.
  5. SimonStokes

    SimonStokes NI Product Owner

    Hi there mate, see the laptop in my sig - on Dell's website it's £1,200ish but on Ebay you can get a brand new one that a customer cancelled for £650 - do that if you are buying a new laptop.

    I love mine - only got it a few weeks ago, TS is smooth as hell, it's thin, light, got an amazing screen a creams all software (including some hefty music production stuff) without even thinking about it. Check notebook review - it's the most popular and highly rated laptop at the moment.

    But to be honest, I wouldn't rule out something being wrong with your A8 - those laptops are easily fast enough to handle TS - sure it demands some power but they're not exactly slow lappies...

    But aye, get the XPS 1530. It's the mutt's nuts. :)
  6. fudduf

    fudduf Forum Member

    my specs are quite modest and have integrated graphics, and i'm running at the lowest latency with no issues. i don't use any bells and whistles (key lock, phase meter, effects) so that might be part of it. but chances are you have something else going on in your computer that's causing the problem like bloatware or conflicting devices that can be disabled.
  7. twistedpickles

    twistedpickles Forum Member

    or it could be Traktor
  8. DJDaylightRobbery

    DJDaylightRobbery Forum Member

    Well I got a HP dv2799ea
    Dual core 2.5ghz cpus with 6mb cache on them!
    4 gigs of RAM
    And Vista - yuk.
    Have spent all day removing crap and disabling services etc
    Let see how we get on now...
    I will post back when I return home from Scotland....
  9. dJdAb

    dJdAb NI Product Owner

    Read the last couple pages contained within the Traktor PDF manual. It lays out some simple ways to optimize your system. Check out the specs for my computer, in my signature... it even runs smooth as silk! And, I can run four decks and run timecoded vinyl too. Buffer... 1ms usb / 4ms audio. Just takes some work.

    Other then that watch your usb busses... keep it minimal.
  10. DJDaylightRobbery

    DJDaylightRobbery Forum Member

    ...I will be doing, and again thanks to everybody for their help.
    Slightly off topic - most people have ext hdd's connected.
    Is the xfer speed adequate to work off one of these live, or do people tend to copy their set to the local hdd when performing out with traktor?
  11. dJdAb

    dJdAb NI Product Owner

    I use both internal and external... sometimes I disconnect the external, if I don't need the extra genres. Just depends on the booking. My internal holds my current and most played. My external holds my not-played-as-often genres.
  12. SimonStokes

    SimonStokes NI Product Owner

    So you've bought 3 laptops in a week? Feckin' hell! Hope the new one works wonders for ya man, it sounds like a beast. ;)
  13. DJDaylightRobbery

    DJDaylightRobbery Forum Member

    FCUK ME!
    I'm running at 1ms, running WAVs on both decks, with time stretch on the highest setting (the one above PMSL - or whatever the feck it's called)!
    With NO snap, crackle and pop?

    I'm running the original version, and original ASIO driver from the CD with no issues at all (thought it best to try before I just jumped in and did the web updates from NI) and they work perfectly.

    Yes I did buy 3 laptops in a week like a nutter - AVOID CHEAP HP LAPTOP DEALS WITH SHARED MEMORY - THEY DONT WORK WITH TRAKTOR!

    Oh, and strip your new vista machine down to the bare goolies. Uninstall ALL unwanted programs (these may check for updates manually)
    Any programs you DO leave on - go into settings and check that auto updates are DISABLED
    Go into resource monitor (from task manager) and examine the disk usage.
    Track down the resources hogging the HDD which vista loves to do. Google around and you'll find lots of advice on cutting down on the vista background tasks. These may include superfetch and your indexing service.
    Go through your services (my computer/manage) list and disable everything that traktor doesnt need
    Disable/remove that AV
    Check the start menu/stratup folder - remove unwanteds from there
    start/run msconfig - go to startup tab and remove unwanteds from there - these may include nice OS system enhancing things like one touch button shortcuts - nice mousey control extensions - you dont need them for traktor
    Go to ctrl panel/programs and features - on the left you will see turn windows features on and off - remove unwanted windows features - these should include the windows security stuff like defender
    Go to security centre and disable all security, plus to stop the annoying popup telling you your system is insecure click change the way security centre alerts me and select the sod off option
    Go to computer/properties/advanced system settings and in the advanced tab of system properties go to performance settings and optimise for best performance
    Get rid of the windows sidebar, and once minimised click the icon again and tell it to never come back
    Disable all screen savers
    Go to scheduled tasks - you will be amazed at how much stuff MS automatically schedules in vista in the background which will take your processor cycles and valuable HDD access when youre in the mioddle of your set - not good MS!
    Finally Defrag your HDD
    You should now be something like a happy vista user with lots of available and uncached RAM
    The superfetch is the single biggest killer but hopefully I will have helped some vista users here
    Seriously use that resource monitor - thats where I found out what was killing my PC

    Cheers guys, happy TRAKTORing! xRx
  14. Toby_Too_Tall

    Toby_Too_Tall Forum Member

    Well, YES, they do work with traktor and they work at the highest settings if you know what you are doing, i think your other 2 laptops would of worked fine had you really known what you were doing as far as tweaking windows to get it ready for streaming audio...


    HP dv2415nr($650)
    amd x2 1.8GHz
    2GB RAM
    TS 1.2 running @ 1ms/2ms(100% fine, only like 5% cpu load, 2 little lines in the TS cpu meter...)
    And yes, thats with everything else cranked up.

    And the culprit for me was ACPI controller on the battery, caused random cpu spike leading to the pop click i know alot of you get...
    Last edited: Apr 18, 2008
  15. DJDaylightRobbery

    DJDaylightRobbery Forum Member

    Well, thanks for that positive and helpful last response.
    Rather than the "you dont know what you're doing" style jibe - why didnt you just add to the list - "In addition to this the ACPI driver is also a common cause of cracks and pops".
    I came on here to find information and help others - I thnk we should all be doing the same?
    I hope my findings help others who are struggling, and dont attract sarcastic and damming comments from those who already have a working setup.
    In MY findings the cheap HP laptops do NOT work - I bought TWO.
    The traktor manual explicitly mentions AVOIDING shared graphics memory.
    Lets keep it positive, people!
  16. Toby_Too_Tall

    Toby_Too_Tall Forum Member

    Sorry mate, crabby day and the "cheap HP lappy wont work for TS" really twists me up...

    Here is what i did to be able to fully use everything, up until v1.2 i NEVER had any issues, but after, this was my approach:


    ALL network, onboard sound, ACPI, firewire...
    Windows sound shemes set to "no sounds"
    ALL graphics n themes turned off/down all the way
    Turn off system restore
    disable all unnecessary processes: theres a ton, indexing, fast user switching, remote assistance, and i need to dig out my .txt to see all the ones i turned off...
    should help with XP stuff...
    I set my graphics share to 128mb...
    Made sure windows only boots the needed apps/process at bootup(msconfig/services.msc)
    Kept my box clean from teh start only installing the bare minimum...

    Ill post when i remember more of what i did, but that is a start, and thru old versions i never did anythign and it worked fine on my cheap HP, v1.2 was the place i had to really tweak things...

  17. DJDaylightRobbery

    DJDaylightRobbery Forum Member

    Thanks for that Toby,
    didnt mean to have a go - we're all in the same boat!
    I'm still running the original version from CD and all is well - "if it aint broke - dont fix it" is the approach I'm taking!
    As for the ACPI thing - what did you have to disable and where - I havent had this issue but I'd like to know in advance...
    Another thing...my GFX has 128mb dedicated but says it can take up to something ridiculour (shared).
    I've been into the BIOS and there are no settings to restrict this - likewise the nvidia s/w I cant find where to restrict it to it's own dedicated physical memory either.
    Any suggestions?

    Last edited: Apr 21, 2008
  18. Toby_Too_Tall

    Toby_Too_Tall Forum Member

    The acpi in XP for a laptop battery is in control panel/system/hardware/device manager/battery/acpi controller...

    As far as the shared and dedicated thing goes, what card do you have in there, mine is the nvidia 6150GO, which on my HP i can set the share in the BIOS, but when i grab it in the next few days i will look in the nvidia control panel(right-click desktop / properties / settings / advanced / nvidia tab). There might be something in there...

    Anyways it runs perfect @ the fastest latency i think 1ms/2ms(44.1Khz), with all other settings maxed, full cache, and i cannot get it to freak out since tweaking the hell out of XP. This laptop was made for Vista, but i luckily found XP drivers for everything.


    HP dv2415nr
    amd x2 1.8GHz
    2GB RAM
  19. DJDaylightRobbery

    DJDaylightRobbery Forum Member

    Well, I'm having MORE problems...
    Putting together the latest podcast last night - pop!
    CPU is spiking to 53% when traktor is idle every 10 secs or so.
    I think I saw another post with a graph on it somewhere on here before illustrating exactly this issue so I'm off for a search...
    BTW Toby - I'm running Vista (and not loving it). Had real issues finding drivers before so cant be bothered to try to "downgrade" to XP!
  20. DJDaylightRobbery

    DJDaylightRobbery Forum Member

    The spikes disappear once Traktor is closed, which tends to indicate an issue within traktor rather than windoze...anybody help?
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