2 x new laptops and still cracks and pops

Discussion in 'Technical Issues' started by DJDaylightRobbery, Apr 15, 2008.

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  1. DJDaylightRobbery

    DJDaylightRobbery Forum Member

    ..further update - Downgraded...
    OK so after testing and testing some more I downgraded the Audio 8 driver to no improvement.
    I downgraded to TS v1.1.1 - no cracks or pops but still whilst TS is running I get the CPU spiking to 53% then it drops off - it's like a continuous waveform.
    Peeking at the sytem monitor as it soes this shows that TS is the app causing the spike - windows doesnt do this when TS is closed. Is this a "feature" of TS?
    Absolutely everything that can be disabled (acpi - even as far as the DVD drive) are disabled. I cant strip Vista back any further...
    And what's this DPC that everyone keeps mentioning BTW? - where can I find it?
  2. Djarsennal

    Djarsennal Forum Member

    I have a new lappy with a 2.2gz with 2gb of memory on vista runing about 35 processes, and have absolutly no cracks or pops as long as I have the network adapter disable.... did you run the latency checker?
  3. Toby_Too_Tall

    Toby_Too_Tall Forum Member


    and what is your exact model laptop?

    That sounds like the EXACT things i was gettign in XP...


    PS - Looks like your model CAN run XP, but it's looking like a serious pain to get the workaround all proper...

    Do you have SP1 for Vista on there?
  4. nikoStar

    nikoStar Forum Member

    i didnt read this whole tag, but with my system it cracks and pops for two reasons. One, The battery setting is not on high performance, secondly i plug the Traktor box into a USB hub that is close to the AC input. Usually the USB hub closest to the AC input has some sort of grounding issues, I don't know why, but I have an HP and that happens with me from time to time.
  5. DJDaylightRobbery

    DJDaylightRobbery Forum Member

    Hi guys,
    well, I only have 2 x USB ports and they're right next door to the power input!
    My exact model is HP DV2799ea (fantastic spec) - Toby, was it you who put the thread up with the jpg of the processor spikes? - Couldnt find it again... :( - and yes I'm running vista with SP1
    I'll be running the latency checker now that toby has told me where to get it from...thanks Toby.
    Starting to get really narked now - no cracks or pops put the cpu spikes to 53% every 10 secs or so but only when TS is running - shut TS down all is fine - have tried all drivers and all versions! Confused....
  6. DJDaylightRobbery

    DJDaylightRobbery Forum Member

    I give up - I posted a query with Tech Support and am waiting for them to get back to me.
    Everything disabled in services.
    MSConfig disabled everything non essential
    Lastest drivers and TS version (downgraded as new ones worse)
    THIRD ridiculously high spec laptop
    All non essential devices disabled right down to DVD Rom drive (and of course the dreaded ACPI)
    CPU still spikes to 53% every 6 secs or so as soon as TS app is opened - you dont have to even have a track loaded to a deck - opening the app causes this in both versions.
    As soon as TS is closed, CPU idles at 0-1%
    Any further suggestions gladly received...
  7. buenputter

    buenputter NI Product Owner

    Did you get an automated e-mail-answer including a ticket-number?

    If not, please check your spam-folders.
  8. DJDaylightRobbery

    DJDaylightRobbery Forum Member

    I certainly did - Ticket#2008042610030316
    Awaiting a reply...
  9. SimonStokes

    SimonStokes NI Product Owner

    Hey man...that's a shame that you're still experiencing issues. I'm not sure what settings you are running at now or what you DJ style is. I would say if you are determined to run at 96khz / 1ms then that's probably your problem.

    I have absolutely no issues with my Traktor at 48khz / 8ms - unless you're a DMC-level scratch pro I don't think you would ever notice the difference. As for the sample rate, I reckon almost every file you play will be 44.1khz - even of the highest of high quality home sound systems the difference between 48khz and 96khz is a tough one to distinguish, and on a club sound system you would never notice.

    So all I can suggest is lower your settings if you haven't tried that. My laptop is in my spec, and it runs flawlessly at 48khz, 8ms with no services disable in Vista and wireless and bluetooth on. Good luck man! :)

    ps Tried updating your BIOS and all other related drivers for your laptop? And SP1 for Vista?
  10. DJDaylightRobbery

    DJDaylightRobbery Forum Member

    Hey - cheers.
    Done all that.
    Sample rate is 48k and 1.5ms
    The laptop is an animal - should eat this alive.
    I noticed last night that when traktor is open and you remove the Audio8 all is well, so it appears that the Audio 8 drivers (both versions) cause the CPU spikes.
    I have dropped the sound quality off (which I shouldnt have to - I spent a grand on this lappie) and the spikes still appear as bad as ever.
    I am running SP1.
    Uninstall the audio 8 DJ from device manager - CPU spikes disappear...
    ..anybody else having this issue?
  11. koukops

    koukops NI Product Owner

    Have you changed the power setup so that the usb bus is running with full speed? Sometimes I forget to turn to my traktor-specific power setup and run the recommended(which is like medium settings) and I get cracks.
    Maybe you have already done it and sounds stupid but you never know.
  12. DJDaylightRobbery

    DJDaylightRobbery Forum Member

    Yep, checked all that - the problem is the CPU spikes which are caused by the driver in Vista - both versions from the TS website have the same fault.
    Unplug the Audio 8 and the cpu returns to normal, plug it in it goes mental every 5-6 secs.
    Still awaiting a response from Tech support... :|
  13. chilly

    chilly Returning Customer

    Do you have Traktor 3? Does the problem persist there?

    Do you have the ability to try another soundcard?

    This is just for my knowledge I guess.

    Have you tried that RATTv3 tool someone posted earlier this week? http://www.microsoft.com/whdc/DevTools/tools/RATT.mspx

    I know I've been bitching up a storm, but I haven't had an opportunity to try this yet, and I desperately need to.

    Finally, I just re-ran across nem0nic's Temporarily Stopping XP Services guide: http://www.nem0nic.com/index.php?option=com_content&task=view&id=118&Itemid=48

    I know you're running Vista, but being an IT guy you should be able to figure out what the different service names in Vista you need to stop.

    I should state that I have not had an opportunity to try this yet either.
  14. Toby_Too_Tall

    Toby_Too_Tall Forum Member

    If it bothers you all that much, you 100% can load XP on that laptop with a lil work...

    That might solve your problems...

  15. DJDaylightRobbery

    DJDaylightRobbery Forum Member

    Yup - I've loaded XP onto a new partition, I will let you know how it behaves next week (away on business again this week) :( .
    Have posted my first mix in the appropriate area here if anyone fancies a listen to the quality etc.

  16. HighRoller3

    HighRoller3 Forum Member

    Jepp! ;) ...iss it possible to get such a detailed SetUpInformation for MAC OS? I run a 2GHz DualCore MacBook with 2GB RAM und switched off BT/ WLAN und still got Problems with clicking and popping @ my last gig...

    HELP iss welcome ... ;) THX in advance!

    Positive iss good...I think we all know, why we use Traktor in place of something else, so we have to get it running stabler ! The rest iss damn brilliant :D
  17. harry_Tf

    harry_Tf Forum Member

    some have problems, some don't. i also run a macbook/macbook pro, but i don't have problems at all. not even a hiccup. if i was tho and i knew that others were not with similar setups i would start going backwards and look at the things that were different. when i used to use ssl i realized this...that the only thing really different in everyones set up was the media that we used, the mp3's/wav's/audio files. since then i have always only downloaded .wav files or ripped my own cd's or vinyl to mp3. i haven't had a problem since. i've even bought mp3's with pops in them, but i wont make that mistake again. my previous macbooks had problems with the usb bus as well, but that was fixed by switching usb slots and using a hub. its gonna be alot of trial and error to find your problem, but it is a balance of sorts...good luck.
  18. Toby_Too_Tall

    Toby_Too_Tall Forum Member

    i dont use mac, but we do have a macbook pro in the house...

    thsi may help if you have not tried already:

    Dashboard is the kind of thing you either love or hate, using it constantly or not at all. As you may recall, a few days ago we discussed how unused Dashboard widgets can take up a lot of memory and slow your systems performance, we also showed you how to reclaim that memory. For those that don’t use Dashboard at all, we’ll show you how to disable Dashboard completely (but don’t worry it is just as easy to enable it again).

    Turning Dashboard off and on is done easily through the Terminal, so your first step is to launch the Terminal. Then follow these simple steps:

    Disable Dashboard- type or paste the following exactly into the Terminal window:
    defaults write com.apple.dashboard mcx-disabled -boolean YES
    Next, kill the currently running Dashboard by killing the Dock (the Dock will reload itself, don’t worry):
    killall Dock

    That’s it, now Dashboard is completely disabled. Hit F12 and nothing will happen. So what if you had a change of heart and want Dashboard back? Well turning it back on is just as easy.

    Enabling Dashboard- type or paste the following exactly into the Terminal window:
    defaults write com.apple.dashboard mcx-disabled -boolean NO
    Again, kill the Dock, which will reload the now activated Dashboard:
    killall Dock

    more of that stuff is here:


  19. DJDaylightRobbery

    DJDaylightRobbery Forum Member

    Well, here's an update.
    NI Tech support got back to me and told me pretty much everything thats already been discussed here re tweaking the OS which has been done to within an inch of it's life.
    I have managed to dual boot with XP now and Hmmm, well Im running a super crazy uber machine dual booting vista and XP - Dual core Laptop HP DV 2799 2.5ghz (dual) = 5ghz with 4gb RAM and 6mb of cache on the processor - thats a grands worth of limited edition laptop...and I can tell you that the latency with vista is TWICE that with XP...and that is after a support call to NI complaining about performance within vista.
    After serious tuning vista latency is "acceptibly" hovering about 117 then shoots up like a heroin addict to 1006-7 for a few seconds. It then regains consciousness before jacking up once more.
    Under XP there are no such antics...latency hovers about 57ish max
    Draw your own conclusions...
    Interestingly NI said I should try to run TS under ONE processor core rather than two which can be done like this:

    Access Task Manager.
    Choose the Processes tab.
    Right-click the process associated with the problem application - ie traktorscratch.exe
    Select the Set Affinity command. (If you don't have a dual-core system, you won't see the Set Affinity command.)
    From the Processor Affinity dialog box, clear one of the CPU check boxes.
    You could perform this manual operation every time you run the application, but the THG Task Assignment Manager (available for download from Tom's Hardware) allows you to create profiles that automatically assign applications to a specific CPU every time you run them.
    The only downside to this being that you have to have yet another background process running to assign the app to the specific CPU upon startup...groan...
    I had read somewhere that you can assign affinity via command line in which case you could write a batch file to run TS under a specific core each time.
    If I find out exactly how I will post...
  20. itchiamg

    itchiamg Forum Member


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