2nd hand Komplete Kontrol S49 mk1, getting Komplete software

Discussion in 'General Chat' started by Musicisgood, Oct 19, 2018.

  1. Musicisgood

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    I may buy Komplete Kontrol S49 mk1 second hand. I want to know, if the person refused to deactivate their registration, can I still send in the serial number and receipt of purchase, and therefore get the software that was originally included?

    If so, does that mean I get KOMPLETE 11 SELECT with no additional cost? From what I understand, so long as I have proof of purchase, NI should make me the registered user and I get that software for free, right?

    Also, if I want to upgrade to Komplete, can I pay for the upgrade to Komplete 11? Or is it only possible to buy Komplete 12 now? If the latter, then how much do I have to pay to do that - I guess that may be classed as a 'crossgrade' + 'upgrade'?

    And if it's a lot cheaper to upgrade from Komplete 11 Select to Komplete 11, rather than 12, and if 11 is not for sale on the website, where can I get the upgrade to 11 (not Select) at a good price?

    I could not find this info on the website so I'm grateful to be advised here! Many thanks.
  2. kovacs

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    Make sure you get the software licenses with the KK keyboard. NI will usually not provide you with anything unless the former owner has transfered it to you.

    I believe the same goes for Komplete Select but I am not sure.

    You can buy upgrades to K11 from ebay or online sources (but not from NI). It might be a little cheaper depending on where you buy it. You probably will not save much by upgrading to 11 rather than 12 if you consider that you will later have to upgrade again eventually.

    It might be cheaper to find a full version of K11 somewhere. I bought K11 for $200 from someone over at kvraudio.com. To upgrade that to K12 will cost me another $200...which is $2 more than getting the upgrade from K11 Select to K12. :)
  3. Simchris

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    Make sure the person transfers software license to you if they have not already upgraded, as you can then never upgrade yourself. If they have already upgraded and are selling keyboard alone, then they cannot give you the bundle as already upgraded. You can still get komplete kontrol and driver alone without bundle, and then just buy a new copy of komplete 12. But you need to be clear the license transfer is part of sale, or not. There are a lot of folks who have a license card from mk2 since they bought mk1 then got mk2 later, and now selling mk1. So, look for that as option, too.
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    Thanks guys. The seller is fine with transferring the license I've now found out, so that's turned out fine. The NI website does however imply that if you own the keyboard and have proof of purchase, then you have the right to the software, and the seller is breaking the NI terms by keeping it - and it says you can send in the serial and the proof of purchase to them to prove it's yours. It's written on the page about buying second hand. So, that all implies that they would fix that, presumably by removing the seller's license and giving it to you, the now rightful owner, since the license is attached to the keyboard so it seems from what they have written.

    But people seem to report that the company is highly unresponsive. I myself tried to phone their support line in Japan, in France, and in Germany, all within their office hours, and none of them picked up the phone - all of them went to a recorded message and no staff at all. So I wrote to them through the support page, and still have received no reply. So if what you guys are saying is true, that means no only are they unable (uncontactable!) to answer this question, but on top of that, apparently they do not do what they imply they do (regarding transferring the license) on their own help page precisely about buying a keyboard second hand! What a mess!

    And Kovacs, thanks in particular about pointing out that the price of upgrading from 11 elements to 11 is about the same as upgrading straight to 12. That was the other question I was trying to ask NI about!