Need info 3.1.1 - saving collection when playing randomly changes tempo

Discussion in 'Bug Reports' started by triff, Feb 23, 2019.

  1. triff

    triff New Member


    1: Play a track
    2: Play another synced one
    3: Hit your hotkey to save the collection, because 3.x.x always hangs on exit
    4: Pitch and tempo abruptly change, and not to their actual tempos

    Coming out of a 136 into a 125, the tempo dropped to 119.23 :-----?
  2. triff

    triff New Member

    Just tried again with no tracks synced and the playing track reset to its default bpm.

    Basically please:

    AAAAAAA: Fix the software so it doesn't crash on exit and trash all your work so I don't have to continually save it
    Z: Stop this happening?
  3. Sander @ NI

    Sander @ NI NI Team Staff Member NI Team

    Hi, thank you for your report. We are unable to reproduce your issue. Is this on Windows or OSX ? Which Traktor Pro version are you using? Are you able to make video which showcases the bug?