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    Apple just released Logic Pro 10.5 for MacOS 10.15. We found out that Massive X, Crush Pack, Mod Pack, Replika, and Replika XT will crash.

    Our teams are currently working on a fix, and we hope to have this out to you as soon as we can!

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3.1.1 update HIs and LOs

Discussion in 'GUITAR RIG' started by nobilis, Aug 2, 2008.

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  1. nobilis

    nobilis New Member

    I felt like writing some lines about this update. Mostly because this time there are some huge changes, at least for me :)
    1. Now I can leave my AirPort internet connection on and go with latency down to 7 ms and there is no artifacts in my sound. With 3.1.0 I had to turn AirPort off not to have cracks in the sound. Good job NI!
    2. And now for the first time I can turn sample rate up to 48000 or even 96000. Before any rate else than 44000 - my sound got blurry, full of any kind of artifacts, changing latency didn't help. As I'm using GR mostly in lives I was happy with 44000 and was hoping updates to fix it. But unfortunately here is my only LO too, actually two. After changing sample rate to 48000 or 96000 a quiet wining comes in. And another thing is, when I change the sample rate to a lower value GR freezes and I have to restart it.
    3. Loop Machine issues seem to be fixed for Mac's at last. Before I couldn't depend on it, because sometimes happened that a loop froze for half a second and sometimes not. Very annoying. For 3.1.1 I couldn't make it happen how much I tried. Yes! Good Job NI!
    4. I found some nice sounds among these new ones that came with update. Some tweaking must be done for my liking and setup, but hey that's what the guitar players are - never happy with the sound :) Again, good job!

    So, thank you guys very much. For me GR get better with very time I use it. Now updates have almost fixed all my problems. Now only this whining and freezing problem is an issue.


  2. Marc_S

    Marc_S NI Product Owner

    The folks at NI will be so pleased to hear this!
  3. RhysPatto

    RhysPatto NI Product Owner

    OH MY GOD!

    I cannot thank NI enough for this update. Sure it took longer than the others, but it has made such a difference for me!

    I run GR3 on my HP notebook, always worked great, but also run it through a EeePC for small gigs. Now, there was always occasional artifacts which really annoyed me while playing alone, but in a band situation it couldnt really be heard. Now..... no artifacts! its fantastic

    Not only that, but now i can even use the loop machine on the EeePC! Before it would just ruin the sound and sound messed up, now it works a treat. I was praying for this update to fix it and it did. good work NI, love it.
  4. JayT

    JayT NI Product Owner

    The program feels snappier too when used in stand alone as well.
    Or is that just me?
  5. hherhold

    hherhold Forum Member

    Do the fonts look sharper (on a Mac) or did I just finally clean my glasses?
  6. Marc_S

    Marc_S NI Product Owner

    I think my pentatonic scale got a 6th note from this update, or is it just me?

  7. adcalonte

    adcalonte NI Product Owner

    Thanks NI!


    Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!
  8. mrzosonp

    mrzosonp Forum Member

    I had the same thought!
  9. mrmooson

    mrmooson New Member

    I love it, my processor load dropped almost in half. I can run down around 5ms on my macbook with no artifacts. However, small gripe. When I go to select my audio interface it only has built-in and then the usual selections of built-in input etc, and RK3. When i select the one that says "built-in" it uses my Presonus Firepod. Which works, but prior to this update, the menu would have "Presonus Firepod" as an option. So essentially what I am trying to say is that, since the newest update (which is awesome!) the menu no longer shows the external soundcard by name, it just says built-in (which is referring to the external soundcard as opposed to "built in input" which is the actually macbook input) Sorry that this is so wordy, hard to explain things like this.
  10. daverlee

    daverlee NI Product Owner

    I'm so happy about the pedal calibration fix.
    there's still a minor bug that I can live with: the calibration for my external pedals is not saved when I close. I must recalibrate them when I start up GR3. the RK pedal saves calibration and stays calibrated.

    thanks NI
  11. mojowillaker

    mojowillaker New Member

    Does the update come with any new presets?

    Once I get my set up rock solid I always tend to shy away from updates unless there is a good reason to update.

    Like new presets ;)
  12. mezzurias

    mezzurias NI Product Owner

    Almost all of my other NI plugins do the same with the Presonus on my machine. I have Komplete 4&5 and the only application that had the actual interface name was Guitar Rig. So no biggie.
  13. JayT

    JayT NI Product Owner

    A few new XE presets I believe?
  14. Me :)

    Me :) NI Product Owner

    Thanks VERY much for this fix NI i truly appreciate it : )

    -- I figured after all my complaining i should pipe up as well : ) --
  15. Dreamfullofzen

    Dreamfullofzen Forum Member

    anyone else experiencing a bug with snaphots? my cab setup changes now when using snapshots... rendering that feature useless....
  16. volantiz

    volantiz New Member

    Just don't leave it recording for long. When running it as a plugin it crashes the host if you record a couple of minutes and then press Stop. Sometimes i use it to do some quick bounces from Digital Performer.. but that doesn't work any more :(
  17. Marc_S

    Marc_S NI Product Owner

    If you're having an issue with any part of GR, you need to contact tech support.
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