8 KOMPLETE reasons why I don’t need komplete 8 and you shouldn’t either!

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by Mr. MuhSheen, Aug 5, 2011.

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  1. Mr. MuhSheen

    Mr. MuhSheen NI Product Owner

    Hey Maschine heads, this is the original Mr. MuhSheen taking time out to chime in on this KOMPLETELY ridiculous 8th version of inKOMPLETE 8 instruments. I want to help a few of you before you loose your house or your girlfriend! You can thank me later though!

    First a little background about the author of this post. I make Golden Era Hip hop and R n B music with a combination of MASCHINE, SP1200’s & MPC 60. I originally started making house music in the 80’s with just our TB-303 and TR 909. So I come form a background of “original sonic ingredients and done by hand straight to tape environments. So I wanted to inform some of you “newbies” and “novices” of 8 reasons why you should wring dry your panties about this KOMPLETE 8! HERE WE GO #1

    #1 Maschine is a sampler! You can sample all of the sounds you REALLY need

    (Duh! That’s right! Hook up your favorite analog synth and sample it. With the new sample mapping system it’s a little easier than before. Any sound KOMPLETE 8 says they have or can make you really can make it yourself with a little self-sacrifice!

    2. You really only need 5 go to drum kits not 5,000 sounds!

    Most of the “top shelf” producers have 5 maybe 6 drum kits that they use all the time. If they need a different drum sound they’ll tweak the envelopes or pitch; something maschine can do too.

    3. You already have every instrument and sound that KOMPLETE 8 has to offer you don’t need another 9,000 more

    (Stop and think about it! No, I mean REALLY STOP AND THINK ABOUT IT! Other than Fender Rhodes, Wurlitzer piano’s and maybe clavinets emulations, you probably have very good sounding instruments already in your library. Check what I’m saying and really look over all the sounds from all your VST or hardware synths!

    #4 Maschine has VST and AU integration; you don’t need 10,000 different sounds!

    I know this is obvious but really think about it; any sound you may need is just a VST away if you don’t already have it in your library!

    #5. You will have a canned sound if all you use are NI KOMPLETE 8 sounds.

    Listen, everyone and their momma is going to buy KOMPLETE 8 and start the obligatory ”who can use that new sound in their record release first competition!” Yeah you know Mr. MuhSheen is right, I’ve seen it and you’ve seen it! By the time you load the 240 gig hardrive on your 250 hard drive some creative person has already used the new MASSIVE or REAKTOR patch! Now here you “Johnny Come Lately” sounding like every latest record already out. Get creative and make you own sound from scratch!

    #6. You’re contributing to the NI “gearlust” anticipation in their business plan!

    You know, executives in companies like NI do consumer profiles on people like the one on this forum. First they know the minute you buy something you want to know “when will their be an update?” That’s when the NI Maschine (no pun intended) starts going! First, they understand that you guys get a “woody” for every incremental decimal increase like maschine 1.1 or maschine 1.3. Next they really get you “creamy” with the “.5” release! This is the release where they put in every essential and obvious thing that they took out before they even released the product in the beginning . Now, you’re so “grateful” that they added something like “midi” “THEY ADDED MIDI!” O.K. now hold on to your jock DRUM ROLL PLEASE! It’s time for the “Whole number increase” tah dah KOMPLETE 8! Now you’re having “orgasm”, taking out home mortgages, taking your girlfriend to cheap restaurants and generally speaking “spending money some of us don’t really have! KOMPLETELY outrageous!

    #7. It cost tooo much! And don’t give me that damn “well $199.00 isn’t a lot of money for me to upgrade!

    In today’s economy, you can’t just charge what you always have plus a 20% increase! THere is a lot of competition out there ans all we have to do is let them know that we don’t need their “preset BROWSER integration” (oh by the way, which should have been there in the first place!). I’m willing to tag by hand the 100 out of 8,000 sounds from a quality plug-in like TRillian or Omnisphere! I’ll sit at my computer for an hour and tag my favorite GEIST kits or BPM kits so I can use them in MASCHINE! DON’T THINK WE DON’T HAVE THE DISCIPLINE or PATIENCE (that’s what they’re banking on) In the old days we all did it by hand!

    #8. The future of drum sounds is in drum synthesizers not samples!

    If you look forward, the trend is to make drum sounds from scratch like in KONG or BPM. You don’t need NI KOMPLETES 5,000 drum sounds. Now I will say you will still need acoustic drums, but let’s face it one look at that STUDIO DRUMMER and you have to say “They gotta be kiddin” BEEN THERE DONE THAT!

    9. You should be making music instead of buying new instruments!

    If it seems like I’m stretching out my reasons so I can get a nice solid round 8 YOU’RE RIGHT! But I still speak the truth in saying, MAKE SOME MUSIC instead of buying KOMPLETE 8 because you know it going to take you a month of playing around with it could be used to make some tracks!

    OOPS I came up with 9 reasons not to buy KOMPLETE; 8 but that’s O.K. because next week guess what, KOMPLETE assin9 is coming out! I HEARD YOU GOT THE FEVER FOR THE FLAVOR, HURRY UP AND GET A SCOOP BEFORE IT’S GONE!

    “Flavor Of The Month by Black Sheep lyricist Dres
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  2. hi-d-ho-man

    hi-d-ho-man NI Product Owner

    You're absolutely right on most of your points. But what can i say I'm coppin it anyway. Playing with my many unnecessarily toys is my favorite past-time when i do get that rare moment to myself. But hey that's my thing, some guys with have 80 pairs of sneakers when they only need 2 or 3.

    But yeah, don't put yourself in a financial situation for a sound collection
  3. sowari

    sowari Moderator Moderator

    Mr. MuhSheen, maybe you have some music online that we can listen to?

    then we can tell you whether we think you need to buy more sounds, or not :)

  4. purpleandbianco

    purpleandbianco NI Product Owner

    I understand what you're sayin. but being practical, i dont have many decent instruments and im getting to know pro-tools LE which doesnt have much either. Im nothing like a gear head but Komplete 8 and Ultimate sound like a great 1 time investment for me
  5. warren1814

    warren1814 Forum Member

    Well you made some pretty good points. but sampling may come easy to you and many others. But i tried to sample a old drum machine i had and it just didn't sound good. plus i have a hum in my system that i just can't seem to get rid of. So, sampling sounds from my old synths would be nice but not with a hum in my system :-( With Komplete 8 and other sounds from other companies sure makes things easyer. I know i already want the maschine expanded pack (punch and what's the other one?) anyway etc
  6. b-natural

    b-natural NI Product Owner

    This guy...
  7. Mystic38

    Mystic38 NI Product Owner

    Frankly, I have trouble using and mastering a small handful of VST.. so i am with the OP here.... to the point that I have Komplete Elements.. and it is not installed..

    a) Maschine has more kits that i would ever need ALREADY..
    b) I have a workstation with all bread and butter sounds.. and 2 hardware VA
    c) Z3Ta as a 6 osc subtrative VA synth and dimension pro as a wavetableVA synth covers 99% of sounds i would wish to generate..
    d) i have a dozen other soft-synths and Komplete elements sitting doing nothing..

    The prospect of wading through a library of 200GB or whatever, 40,000 presets and attempting to learn another 50 VST?... yeh right...actually just SCROLLING through those libraries will reduce your output to zero.
    you should be able to get rid of this..if you are using onboard sound card that would be suspect #1

  8. Mr. MuhSheen

    Mr. MuhSheen NI Product Owner

    This guy........WHAT?

    This guy........WHAT?
    Speak your mind....that's what the forum is for....right! B Real!
  9. vinceprice

    vinceprice NI Product Owner

    That's cool and all but I think the point of this update/upgrade is more about integration. Be happy NI isn't like a workstation that only can be upgraded with cards you have to buy for new integrated sounds. You can still use 3rd party VSTi and you don't have to buy Komplete 8. Really all this complaining is getting on my nerves. I remember all the complaining about 1.6 I'm like this you don't have to add **** to Maschine you can use it how it comes out the box. you don't even have to upgrade.
  10. Mr. MuhSheen

    Mr. MuhSheen NI Product Owner

    that's my point!

    That's my point Vincent Price! I think it would be a "horror" to go through 5,000 presets too. It's kind of "scary" thinking about how maschine was back before the VST integration. Just use Maschine as it is! By the way I loved you in "The Tell-Tale Heart" and the "Raven":D
  11. b-natural

    b-natural NI Product Owner

    It's just I've found your pervious threads rather amusing thats all :cool:
  12. mezzurias

    mezzurias NI Product Owner

    I liked everything in this post and that fact that he ended with Black Sheep made it even better. :lol:
  13. Mr. MuhSheen

    Mr. MuhSheen NI Product Owner

    You found my previous threads rather amusing?

    What do you think I'm a funny guy?

    What do my post make you laugh?

    Were my post put on this forum to make you laugh and amuse you?

    What do you mean?:D [ame="http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aC5al-btIEw"]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=aC5al-btIEw[/ame]
  14. joop

    joop NI Product Owner


    Ok, now for my counter arguments:

    1) Perhaps you like static, unmodulated syths or can live with the antiseptic filters of Maschine but pretty much any NI synth smokes this box for mod routing and filter presence (Perhaps with the singular exception of FM8). Timbrel dynamics go a long way to livening up your sound, something static samples (by their very nature) don't excel at.

    2) I know of one producer (Richard Devine) that uses 3,000 sounds IN ONE TRACK. Some of us do need variation, and lots of it. We don't all make easy listening music.

    3) No arguments. "Know your gear" is a mantra we can both appreciate.

    He can appreciate it too: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=knnLsJ37PLI&feature=player_embedded#at=27 (it's embedded at the relevant point).

    4) Not sure I get your point here.

    5) You obviously have never used Reaktor or much out of Komplete, have you? It's attraction is the wide range of tonal variability. We're not talking presets but synths.

    Meh, I'll stop here..
  15. theinvis

    theinvis NI Product Owner

    first I gotta say, golden era hiphop, r&B and house:S I can't trust that mix my man:D
    just kidding........a lil bit, but on a serious note I hope everybody and their grandmother buys komplete so native instruments can make a boatload of cash and make maschine the freshest sampler I've ever seen cause right about now it is not...

    let the rappers rap
    let the breakers break
  16. b-natural

    b-natural NI Product Owner

    Entertaining, attention grabbing. Some valid points, some not so....and great visuals :lol:
  17. Gary_W

    Gary_W NI Product Owner

    The thing is that Maschine is not just for producing the kind of music that you want to make; everyone's needs are different and, with the advent of VSTi loading, Maschine became suitable for a much wider audience. For my preferences and needs, I would never have bought the non-VSTi capable Maschine.... it just wouldn't have done it for me.

    If someone feels they need more than the stock sounds and making their own samples, what is wrong with that? No-one is forcing YOU to do it, but the fact that it can is still good news for you...... If you think about it, making Maschine attractive to more people means NI get more R+D money which may well add functions that you DO want, so everyone wins :)
  18. R.B.S.

    R.B.S. NI Product Owner

    I think I will just upgrade the Kontakt for $199 and say the hell with K8...I can skip a few and wait til K10 or 12 when some new stuff comes out..I already have a lot of sounds with K7 and Kore... But I will take a upgraded version of kontakt, which I probably still dont need.. All I do need from NI is Alicas Keys, but Im donig great without her!
  19. dippy

    dippy NI Product Owner

    I don't know if I have a feva' for the flava', but it's too bad more music today isn't like that. Talented and unoffensive.
  20. Phyia

    Phyia NI Product Owner

    my thing i that you mentioned that you are a gear lust type of guy... you have MP60s, Bpm, and a host of vsts - what it sounds like to me is that your saying to us, don't get that stuff cause i wanna be that guy to have it first and put it in my music.... I've been doing music for years as well, and i know that i can take the same sound that someone else use and use it in a whole different way... that's the beauty of music. However, i do agree with one thing you said, which is yes you can create all the sound you need, but you may not be able to create a creation without a good head start... so sometime a sound is what you need to become more creative..
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