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a letter to NI and the traktor user community

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR 3' started by jay michael, Jan 29, 2008.

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  1. djstowy

    djstowy NI Product Owner

    I agree with all of you. I am thinking of pulling out 1200's again and mixing like that with Traktor again just to show these young kids that I have the skills to beatmatch and hold it... What's up with a person beatgridding and thinking I need to act all impressed because he can hold a mix for a minute? Man, I was pissed when I lost some features in 2.5 to 3 upgrade. I'm in the same boat as you all! Keep the faith and turn up that BASS!
  2. McFat

    McFat NI Product Owner

    First of all, I have only read the first page of this thread. I read a lot of posts on this forum's DJ section so hopefully I got a good idea which kind of opinions are shared here.

    Secondly, to some extend, I am the kind of "DJ" who is critizised a lot on this forum. I cannot beatmatch, I have barely touched a vinyl in my life and Traktor 3.4 was the first DJ software I ever used; that was less than a year ago.
    Now I am on Pro and got a basic setup that runs fine for me and my first gig is coming, too, soon.

    I have seen DJs on mid-class CDJs, on vinyls and on their PC just playin songs back to back. They are doing the usual jukebox DJ and in most cases without even beatmatching. Just fading from one song to the next like a playlist program could. And as long as their selection of tracks was good, 95% of the crowd liked it. The other 5% were people like me who had an idea about DJing. (That's for a general party. At a truely good electronic dance disco it might be 30-40% of people who care.)
    Anyhow, this kind of 'mixing' truely disgusted me and if I am ever going to become one of those DJs I hope somebody is going to shoot me. But my true point is, that the power of your set does not depend on your gear.

    I have heard great things coming from vinyls, I have also heard great things coming from CDJs. But I am glad I did not start DJing on either. I have seen them both in use a lot and compared it to Traktor. I guess, it would have been a waste of time.

    If I had a lot of extra cash I would buy me some turntables and learn manually beatmatching tracks and such. But I don't. Apart from that, I doubt I would use the turntables for serious DJing even if I was able to use them in a professional manner.

    Don't get me wrong. I am absolutely impressed seeing DJs on vinyls doing unbelievable accurate needle drops for example. I still think, though, that it's obsolete handcrafting.

    I am not into turntablism and scratching. So for me, Traktor easily does everything CDJs and vinyls do and it allows me to be way more creative at the same time. It still takes a lot of practice to really get the program to do what makes it special. Because of that I am in Traktor basically everyday for a few hours. I heavily customized my set-up to get as much control as possible. Yet, I know that it will take ages to seriously master any of the advanced techniques in software DJing.

    I know this isn't actually a thread about which gear to chose for DJing but it's probably the right place to get a few of my opinions more clear.

    Anyways, before I started DJing I was into producing electronic music and that is exactly what I want to continue while I am DJing.
    Having up to 4 decks with complete control over each is what makes Traktor special and allows you to be creative during your sets. Being able to remix a track on the fly and mix it to another is just great. And you really need at least three decks to do so.

    Of course there is also Ableton. But I think using it lacks the physicality that comes with using true software DJ. No automizations and such mean you have to be truely active at what you are doing and play it like an instrument. You can create a great set with Ableton but you are never as directly connected to the sound and the crowd as you are with Traktor.
  3. maximusuk

    maximusuk Forum Member

    I fully agree with what the author of this thread has said.

    I love your passion
  4. Stu V

    Stu V NI Product Owner

    Slightly off track

    Hey guys, cool thread - I will be keen to see if "Pro" sorts all these issues out - you would hope so.

    From personal experience I recommend that you all pop out and buy an Akai APC40 controller... and bin the copy of Ableton that ships with it - A DJ friendly package of controller and software.... that doesn't play MP3's without a 400 pound software upgrade - Please!

    Anyhoo, with a bit of midi mapping, you get all 4 decks, plus a spare 4 decks which I have programmed with the effect channels of each deck, plus more knobs and buttons and leds than you can throw a serato user at, and all for a measely £399. Think Akai build quality, and you are on the money!

    Given that all the main pads have multiple colour LED's in them, (Midi values 1-5), I'm hoping that some furtive NI engineer might pop out an APC patch that flashed selected buttons amber / red when the track started ending, hint hint! :eek:)

    Oh, and for the record, I use 3 decks, 2 CDJ500 mk2's (Yup the old ones) and a couple of keyboards with my traktor, and I keep the keys synced to the analogue outputs with a Pioneer EFX1000 midi out connection - so I also sync that way to the analogue output of Traktor.

    (I just booted one deck out of my coffin to make room for the APC!)

    Yeah, it all gets hairy at times, but it is a load of fun for an old horse who started out back in the day - and fun is primarily why we all do this stuff - try not to lose sight of that when flaming NI, or anyone else who are busting their butts for our pleasure!

    Traktor is a pretty sweet application, from having kick drum loops playing continually under analogue sets, through to the 4 deck tomfoolery we can all do now in the box - I for one won't be throwing it back in the pond any time soon!


    Stu V
    However... Plug in effects a la Virtual DJ anyone?.....
    Last edited: Jun 2, 2009
  5. mark-us652

    mark-us652 Forum Member

    I agree with you Jay M. I am from a technology start up and having worked in several tech companies over the years and been Djing for over 15yrs NO OTHER INDUSTRY in the world would put up with the upgrade paths and pacthes that NI implement. They would be out of business in no time.
    Ive used Traktor right up to 3 and then bought Pro still using T3 as im not happy that Pro is stable enough to use live and whats with the Tags, that is surely the easiest thing to get right even easier than BPM accuracy- do you know that the human ear is more accurate then any software Ive ever heard/used.
    YOur right get the basics right and IMPROVE on stable functionality not add nes stuff to cover up the other shortcommings
    got ta run
    Keep it real yall
  6. signaturex

    signaturex NI Product Owner

    it seems like pro is just the basics and more so than 3. .. but what do I know .. im just the mack. the banker never wears his sack.. in the pouring rain. very strange... very strange.
  7. jscottrob

    jscottrob Forum Member

    Jay, I couldn't have said it better myself...

    Phone support (for lack of a better phrase) from hell, and E support at a very pedestrian pace, that is usually hard to understand with it's Gerglish. (that's German-English)

    All I want is a Mono option that works. (like every mixer that I've owned since 1979) Channel one mains, channel 2 monitor. Wedding, club, outdoors, wherever, NI thought I was crazy for not wanting to use stereo.

    I'm still looking for a stadium or arena that does its sound in stereo... Any suggestions?
  8. signaturex

    signaturex NI Product Owner

    yea ... theres a few venues that go for stereo sound. ..:confused:

    still the mono options should work .. and I think that in 3.4.1 the mono button in the routing actually turns on and stays on. i use the booth to mono and then i use that and the monitor out put instead of the master.
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