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  1. andyfoz

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    yes exactly the last 100% safe mac for djing was the 2012 model, its been carnage since with apple updates. Taking your laptop online for day to day tasks is low risk, torrents and night time activities not so much ;)
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    Mainly checking emails and keeping you idiots inline on here :p

    I'm kidding..
    I check my emails on my phone.:D
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  3. Cheef Roberts

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    I agree with everything you said. On the issue of staying offline it definitely is preferable to do so as when I used Latency Mon the main culprit was my network driver. NI even recommend you disable it here (section 4.1):


    There is also a list of problematic drivers that you can download as a pdf, network driver being one of them.

    In your case if your macbook performs ok then no need to disable it of course. I always say don't fix something that isn't broken.
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  4. Karlos Santos

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    I absolutely agree that people should keep their machines off the internet whilst DJ'ing. It's sensible
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  5. Daniel Hartmann

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    Oh man I would like to thank you for your reply. I am really glad to hear that, not only from my personal perspective. You are totally right. I would like to round it up with a quote from Breaking Bad: All bad things must come to an end :) Is there anything we can do to support you on your way to the final release?
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  6. decat_Tf

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    Never had any issues with Traktor here.

    Been using it on:

    MSI Gaming laptop, no issues at all
    2012 Macbook Pro i7, no issues at all & still in use
    2011 27" iMac i5, no issues at all & still in use
    Recent self built PC (Aorus Master, 9700k), still in use on hackint0sh & no issues at all

    My mate running it on a 2012 Retina, no issues at all & still using it.
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  8. Mick @ NI

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    sorry, I saw a new member and a link without any context, that looked like spam.
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    That's great. I'm still waiting for a trouble ticket response for SYNC LOCK issues. Very frustrating and I'm sure others have been here much longer then I have that may be used to waiting weeks to get a support response. Before launching new products, could we possibly get products with little to zero bugs?