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A question for CDJ/Traktor users.

Discussion in 'DJ Controllers' started by kokernutz, Mar 30, 2020.

  1. kokernutz

    kokernutz Active Member

    I'm really not trying to start a flame war or be a troll but I had a legit question for those of you who use CDJs with Traktor. (A friend mentioned he might buy used CDJs and use them with Traktor.)

    Why not just use the software built into CDJs to do everything?

    If you like Traktor more, then why use CDJs, since at that point they are just expensive controllers?

    Is it because they are the club standard? (At least that I've seen.) But when you are at a club, are you still bringing your laptop to use their CDJs?

    Is it the external screens so you are not looking at the laptop? (Which is why I liked my S5 when I used it.)

    Or is there is there some extra benefit using the two together?
  2. DJSarahHall

    DJSarahHall New Member

    I had my two cdj2000's before i got into Traktor, when I bought my S8, i also used my CDJ's with the traktor software... so i had 4 decks... yes i know the S8 has 4 decks but putting deck 3 and 4 on the cdj's meant more control over them for me... just preferred to work that way.
    Would I do it the other way round, buy cdjs after getting traktor and the S8? No, the S8 does everything the cdjs can do except of course play cd's and considering how all music is available in digital now... If you have the money to buy CDJ's, why not spend the money on a decent controller?
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  3. dj_estrela

    dj_estrela Well-Known Member