A question for the devs, will this work offline ?

Discussion in 'NATIVE ACCESS' started by Kypresso, Aug 6, 2016.

  1. Kypresso

    Kypresso New Member

    My studio computer is offline, will Native Access work correctly in this case?
  2. Ray @ NI

    Ray @ NI REAKTOR team NI Team

    Thanks for checking out the beta of Native Access.

    Native Access is an online application that requires a connection to the internet. It hasn't been designed to support the offline authorization of products and installation of product updates.
  3. Kypresso

    Kypresso New Member

    Well this is a massive change from before, i was always able to do offline authorisations up until now!

    Does " requires a connection to the internet" mean that i would have to be connected to the internet to be able to use Komplete as well ?

    Or does it mean that once registered i can be offline and use my N.I applications ?

    How will people like me who keep their music computer offline be able to use N.I products in the future?
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  4. DevonPete

    DevonPete Forum Member

    This is quite worrying. It is becoming far more difficult to use my computer DAW while connected to the net. Anti-Virus updates, automatic W10 updates and Telementary, also constant telementary for other software too -- music vsts, graphic, photo-editing, video editing... and the list goes on and on. The final resort is going to have to disconnect from the net to continue to work in my DAW without constant pop-ups and notifications, along with the combined interruptions and glitches that accompany such activities, let alone the constant, irritating distractions to work-flow, concentration and creativity.

    It seems to me that software companies are making it more and more difficult to run their software without constant connection to the web, and the cloud (which I hate BTW) which makes running a DAW and producing music far more difficult. I think NI is definitely going in the wrong direction here.
    I would be interested in knowing the opinions of others here on this point.
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  5. DjChad72x2

    DjChad72x2 New Member

    I see where you are coming from. However, I don't consider NI making a poor decision here. This is a fantastic leap forward. Web is the cheapest, fastest, and easiest way to get a product into the hands of a consumer or business these days. Same goes for media content, frankly. So this is exactly the direction they should be going. We all get our opinion. So I respect yours.

    That said, I an pondering if you are perhaps asking the wrong question?

    Can Native Access be given a preference so that the install files can be downloaded but not installed/removed? That way someone can have Native Access installed on a computer trusted to be online and download the necessarily install files, copy to external, move to offline DAW, and install and auth offline?


    Will legacy method be still available after NA launch? Meaning, log into WebSite, download files, save to external, install to offline DAW, and auth offline?

    Just a side note/suggestion, you can keep your DAW offline but configure all updates to be triggered manually. That includes Anti-Virus, Windows, macOS, etc... So keep the DAW computer offline, go online, update Anti-Virus, and do not manually approve any other updates you don't want. Then just go to NA to see what is available. I would definitely work on a process to get with the internet generation if you want there to be simplicity in your updates. Running from the madness is only going to make you more angry. :)
  6. Hafer

    Hafer Member

    Probably right for the distributor, definitely wrong for the customer.

    Second that.
  7. mrlucmorin

    mrlucmorin New Member

    I think pretty much everyone running a DAW on their PC will not be connected to internet, if only for the fact that having an anti-virus running on your DAW is a big no no.

    NI must provide for a way to download the content from another PC, then copy to the offline DAW.

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  8. Quasar24

    Quasar24 NI Product Owner

    I 2nd this too. It won't do any good, but I 2nd it anyway.
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