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    I have a two-part question.
    I'm using Abbey Roads 50s Drummer (Spring Kit) in Ableton Live 10 on a Macbook Pro.

    Part 1:
    I would like to raise the volume and add a different reverb to the "Snare Rim Only" while keeping the "Snare Center L/R" at its current volume.

    Is there some way I can achieve this?

    Part 2:
    Under the Mixer tab, both samples are coming through the Snare Channel.

    Can I choose different instruments for these channels? For example, two channels are devoted to Cowbell and Bongo which I don't use. Can I select the Snare Rim Only for one of those channels? If I Right-Click on "CB" or "Bongo" a quick-load browser opens up, offering the options of Multi / Bank / Instrument but they are all empty.

    Thank you.