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Ableton Live Session Record?

Discussion in 'KOMPLETE KONTROL SERIES' started by JesterMgee, Jun 2, 2019.

  1. JesterMgee

    JesterMgee NI Product Owner

    So it's been a while since I have had time to really get into recording anything new and I typically use to design the layout of a session using Push then trigger recording with a footswitch when I was ready but I have since shifted my keyboard in front of me instead of a stand off to the side and decided to try and record session clips using the keyboard.

    Using an MK1 keyboard, I cannot get session recording to work at all. Press REC and it records to arrangement, press SHIFT + REC and same thing, arrangement.

    Also tried every other combination of buttons I could think of.

    Is it even possible?
  2. Louis~

    Louis~ NI Product Owner

    Clip recording along with many other useful features were brought on board with the MK2. I found the MK2 to be a well worth upgrade from my MK1.
  3. JesterMgee

    JesterMgee NI Product Owner

    Yeah for me tho, having owned the MK1 only 2 years before MK2 came out i'm much more interested to get more mileage out of gear before upgrading, especially with the MK2 being $1200au for the S61. I personally like the look and feel of the MK1 and don't use the screens for browsing, I just do it with the mouse. I have an A series and it is not as nice in feel to the MK1 and has a bothersome little screen.

    I am certain tho there was a way to press Shift + Rec to do session recording.
  4. Weakandwackbeats

    Weakandwackbeats NI Product Owner

    did you ever fix this?

    I have an MK2 kks61 and out of nowhere it all just started to record in Session all the time.