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Absynth Ambient Soundscapes Synth Pack - Loopmasters

Discussion in 'ABSYNTH' started by jaypin01, Nov 28, 2015.

  1. jaypin01

    jaypin01 NI Product Owner

    Hi all,

    If you'd like a fresh selection of Ambient/Electronica presets please check out my pack released here at Loopmasters.
    I've created 4+ Macro Controls per patch for some incredible timbre variations - the patches can be very flexible so be sure to experiment!

    Absynth Presets - Ambient Soundscapes (link)

    Ambient Soundscapes Absynth Presets is a beautiful collection of Atmospheric Sound Beds and includes Pads, Keys, Sequences and Sound Effects designed for the incredible Native Instruments Absynth soft synth.

    Expect to find a rich sonic palette of sounds suitable for Ambient, Down Tempo, Electronica, Minimal, Techno and even genres such as Drum and Bass or Dubstep.

    Ambient Soundscapes features a wonderful collection of Crystalline Pads and Atmospheres, Chattering Sequences, Harmonic FX and Organic Keys. Each sound comes complete with macro controls of all the most useful parameters and is tagged ready to be found by character and type within the NI browser.

    The Collection Also features a demo MIDI file for each preset and also a mixed ready WAV version of the preset and MIDI for those who prefer to work with loops.

    In Detail expect to find 11 SFX Presets, 12 Keys Presets, 4 Lead and Mallet Presets, 26 Pad Presets, 3 Percussion Presets, 8 Sequence Presets, 64 MIDI Files and 64 Wav Loops.
    - Loopmasters

    Listen to the demo below:

    Here is also a video demoing 6 presets' Macro Controls
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  2. jaypin01

    jaypin01 NI Product Owner

    I have shared and demo'd an extra 10 presets here, please comment if here are any sounds you find interesting or would like me to detail on in future videos.

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  3. funky primate

    funky primate Forum Member

    I totally just bought this soundpack, mainly to study how the programming is since I want to start my production jouney into more cinematic productions. I really liked the demo, thanks as it made me purchase the soundset. Hopefully I can dissect and learn from this sound set. Thanks
  4. jaypin01

    jaypin01 NI Product Owner

    Wow thank you! That's true there are a lot of cinematic possibilities with these patches. Some of them are more complex than others and take time to be familiar with, but overall I've aimed to make it as easy as possible to understand the Macro controls.

    I hope you enjoy the pack you're welcome to leave a review on Loopmasters, or ask me any questions! Cheers. ;)