Absynth feature requests

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by 33tetragammon, Dec 26, 2013.

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    1: Being able to modulate external plugins/hardware etc with the extremely flexible envelopes via assignable midi cc's and/or cv PER ENVELOPE. At least a protocol that is fast enough to do audio rate modulation (which Absynth is very capable of).

    2: Morphable multimode filters with feedback (12dB, 24 dB etc). Saves slots in the Patch window.

    3: A true noise oscillator with different kinds of noise like for example Massive's Noise oscillator and some colour etc controls.

    4: Implement LAG in the LFO's, adjustable for ramp up and down separately. Say i want a S&H waveform with stepped ramp up but smooth ramp down. This could provide that.

    5: Save patch with samples capability like every sample-based N.I. product has.

    6: More Feedback options like being able to send feedback to and from all available slots on different channels. Or a separate Feedback mixer window, complete with modulation via all available mod sources. Plus a clipping limiter on the master out with adjustable saturation to protect your ears, speakers, loved ones and avoiding the risk of imploding the Universe when using feedback.

    7: Sample Jump envelopes: An option for crossfades between breakpoints for smooth transitions with linear and equal power fade options, plus a 'snap to zero crossing' option as well.

    I will add new stuff in follow up posts when something comes up.