Add custom CUE types in settings.

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by DJ Flex I, Jul 15, 2019.

  1. DJ Flex I

    DJ Flex I NI Product Owner

    Add the ability to Add Cue Types in the settings, that will appear in the CUE tab of the decks. For example
    add in the settings: type: START-CUE color: Orange, and then when I open the deck cues, to be able to change the type of any CUE to this newly created one.

    Obviously you need a basic list with the current types, being locked for override, and additional cues with the ADD/DELETE functionality + Input fields for type and color of the newly created. Maybe EDIT as well.

    P.S. Sorry to create the topic twice, not sure to where it needs to be.
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  2. electrosomnie

    electrosomnie NI Product Owner

    would love to have it, at least to be able to have different Hot cue colors
  3. J. Spencer

    J. Spencer New Member

    I'd prefer Hot Cue color customization first. When using a competing product, I would have markers simply to tell me when something was happening. For example, a vocal point in the song -- If I'm the MC and talking over the intro, I want to visually see where that post is so I can nail it every time. I'd mark that RED as a warning.

    ++1 for Colors