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Advice - Thinking of getting S4 MK3 already have Z2

Discussion in 'General DJ Forum' started by Kieren, Nov 3, 2021.

  1. Kieren

    Kieren New Member


    Was not sure which forum to pst this in so hopefully the right one. After some advice

    Was an old school vinyl DJ for years (no more than a bedroom DJ an far too old to have aspirations of making it a career ;-) )
    Eventually hit modern era and bought a Z2 and DVS - which I love
    Recently had a go on some Pioneer kit and the Nexus2000 CDJs I think they were
    Am keen to get familiar with using Jog Wheels etc also exploring a lot more on remix decks, stems and other new fangled tech

    I could get myself a S4 Mk3 for about £450

    I mainly play Jungle but also like to dabble with Techno and House for more creative mixing

    I am thinking of getting the S4 MK3. Did look at DDJ-1000 but too pricey and I do like Traktor
    As I said I already own the Z2 so thoughts? is the S4 MK3 a replacement for the Z2(I could sell it to fund the S4) - am I fooling myself into just wanting a new toy?

    Anyone gone the route of moving from Z2 to S4 or vice versa?