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Discussion in 'General Production Forum' started by AndriusDK, Jan 15, 2020.

  1. ShelLuser

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    Nonsense. You make it sound as if this applies to all software but seriously: it doesn't. I've been using Reason 6 for well over 4 years or such without any updates what so ever (because of newer released versions) and guess what? It just continued working.

    Just because it's software does not automatically imply the need for constant updates.

    ... meanwhile users of Microsoft Windows had no such issues what so ever.

    Ergo... it depends on the software environment.
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  2. Spazoo

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    I got mine today. So far so good.

    I like it.
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  3. BigPictureSound

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    Got mine yesterday. So far I like it when judging it on its pricing merits, though like the MK3, I’ve had a few “wtf?” moments.

    positives so far:
    -700.00 price point gets you a 7” touch screen that’s damn decent, all-in-one production center
    -Sequencer zoom with touch is really responsive, and can zoom X/Y in tandem
    -Built in audio hardware can serve as a sound card when in desktop mode
    -MPC 2.0 software is pretty decent and comes with plenty of content and fx
    -no battery (yes that’s a plus for me, lith-ion without easy battery replacement plan ala Apple is a no go
    -It’s square and not a rectangle

    mild annoyances:

    -Software onboarding is painful, akai desperately needs something similar to NI downloader
    -iLok (digital only, but still)
    -Additional plugins offered in “my account” section are not compatible with Mac Catalina
    -many dedicated buttons need to work across screens, for instance the erase button only erases pads but can’t erase a range of selected notes in the sequencer.
    - I am also noticing it’s very easy to choke a sound with double hits due to what I believe is pressure+velocity combo on the pads. Curve presets in options doesn’t help.
    -Browser is in desperate need of a redesign, inferior to Maschine in almost every way

    mixed feelings:
    -Browser previews for kits are only wav files, not patters. Not a huge deal, but worth mentioning.

    Again, for 700.00 it’s pretty easy to enjoy this unit for what it is.
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  4. D-One

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    Thanks for the info. May I ask for you to check something? Can you load up any 1 or 2 min long sample and use the auto slicer to see how it behaves? I saw a video and the whole unit started to get slow and jittery like it was having a very hard time CPU wise but idk if that was just because it was an early version of the software.
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  5. BigPictureSound

    BigPictureSound NI Product Owner

    I definitely will. Haven't had a chance yet to do any recording into it but will try when I get home later tonight.