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Discussion in 'Feature Request Archive' started by res308, May 21, 2009.

  1. res308

    res308 Forum Member

    Avoiding the same requested features that have been asked XYZ times, let's make a list (maybe in preference of priority request on /10)
    before making a new request... could be handy for the developers and future evolvement of maschine's capabilities.

    please make this a sticky
  2. sowari

    sowari Moderator Moderator


    nice idea, but i am not sure how it will work :confused:

    maybe people should list their favourite 3 feature requests instead?

    also, is there any point in listing stuff that is mentioned in the 1.1 update?

  3. phil909

    phil909 Forum Member

    this is a good idea. i like the top three concept per user. we can then have an evolving top ten or twenty as a community. i'm sure the NI guys will give serious consideration to our thoughts and ideas, they want this product to be as good as we do.

    features already in the pipeline from NI should be excluded. as and when NI get round to implementing our ideas, they should be removed from the list. it will be like a big 'to do' list. ha ha.

    i guess that improving the poor plugin performance isn't classed as a feature? :)

    ok, here's my list

    1. groove templates to be applied per sound/group/globally
    2. the ability to use the step sequencer to intuitively program melody, not just beats.
    3. kontakt/battery import
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  4. sowari

    sowari Moderator Moderator

    in no particular order:

    • sidechain inputs for the Compressor and Gate
    • Ability to manually insert and delete markers when slicing samples
    • Ability to import MPC groove templates

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  5. ew

    ew Moderator Moderator

    Battery import's planned, as is stated in the FAQ:


    Kontakt import would be nice, but I can see problems with importing voice groups and scripting, unfortunately.

  6. spielor2

    spielor2 NI Product Owner

    good idea. probably too much work but it would be great to link to the threads.
  7. mattsg27

    mattsg27 NI Product Owner

    My top three (in order of importance)

    1. Snap to grid for the pattern length. If i keep doubling the pattern, I want to actually see the whole pattern. PLEASE!

    2. Step sequencing improvements. In step mode, be able to make melodies by selecting a step, then use the arrows to change the pitch of the selected step (i.e. for basslines, leads, etc.)

    3. One handed option to switch into MIDI mode. Perhaps SHIFT + GRID. When using it quickly in Ableton, it is a pain to have to use two hands to hit shift + control.
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  8. Lotuz

    Lotuz NI Product Owner

  9. robertroff

    robertroff NI Product Owner

    1) Kore style assignable macro controls per group
    2) Sample timestretch
    3) Muted groups should not use cpu (or some way of deactivating groups from cpu usage)
  10. rocadaburn

    rocadaburn Forum Member

    I think it`s quite a good idea to collect all feature wishes, I think the developers will like it, but I fear the the overview will get lost in one single thread as well...

    question @the mods: I have seen some kind of survey in other forums. would it be possible to collect all the feature wishes as posts in this thread (as we already started here) and a mod will then create a survey which shows all the feature requests and its` counters as a bar chart on top of the thread? this would bring two advantages: everyone can see all collected feature request at the the top of the thread and the developers can see the priority of each request because we can vote for requests in this survey.

    I hope you know what I wanted to tell here, my english is not the best after party hard yesterday evening ;-)
  11. sowari

    sowari Moderator Moderator

    hi rocadaburn,

    i still want people to list their 3 favorite feature requests.

  12. ew

    ew Moderator Moderator

    As do I.

    About the poll- I don't think we have a poll option here- Phil?
    And, even if we did, most polls on other forums top out at six or so items- some go as far as ten.

  13. cue

    cue Forum Member

    -More slicing options
    -Zoom in/out from the controller
    -dedicated fine tune knob
  14. sowari

    sowari Moderator Moderator

    i don't think we have a poll option, but i don't like them anyway.

    choosing 3 favourites is the way to go for me ;)

  15. Christian Provenzo

    Christian Provenzo Forum Member

    1) Multiple Outputs for hardware and in plugin mode
    2) Macro Controls
    3) More Envelopes and LFO's with more assignable options
  16. ArtistName

    ArtistName Forum Member

    Besides the already announced improvements for MIDI in/out:

    - Arpeggiator / Scale / Chord features. There's three soft buttons for activating these modes and four encoders for configuring them left when holding the NOTE REPEAT button. It's a completely obvious feature for a groovebox and it would fit perfectly with the controller / menu structure.

    - Time stretching. Don't change the length of a sample when changing the pitch in keyboard mode. Now I have to basically record and map every note individually.

    - More control over the piano roll / drum grid sequencer from the hardware controller. Zooming, scrolling, jumping to markers / setting loop ranges etc. You got this NAVIGATE button with plenty of unmapped soft buttons / encoders, make some use of it

    And I really hope that MIDI in/out will be implemented properly. I'd love to be able to control my external hard- and softsynths from MASCHINE!
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  17. stahlblau

    stahlblau NI Product Owner

    1. Kontakt import / SF2 Import
    2. Midi in/out
    3. Arpeggiator
  18. kostal

    kostal New Member

    You are right, but why not bring in some of that functionality from Kontakt into Maschine? This would make Maschine, actually, "Komplete!"
  19. WillieDynamite

    WillieDynamite Forum Member

    1. Time Stretching
    2. Time Stretching
    3. Zoom In/Out from Controller
  20. Iso H

    Iso H Forum Member

    My top 3 feature requests

    - The possibility to save all the files (samples, sounds, groups, instruments, fx) used in a project to a single project file or folder. (This is REALLY important!)

    - Play a sound in (16) different velocities, selectable in pad mode like the keyboard or half/full velocity is now.

    - Insert your own slice markers and move them freely in the slicer.

    With these we'd be a long way ahead..