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Discussion in 'Feature Request Archive' started by res308, May 21, 2009.

  1. skinswashdc

    skinswashdc Well-Known Member

    What are you talking about? Just use it as a plug in in your daw duh. Drag and drop the audio.
  2. Tooshka

    Tooshka NI Product Owner

    What are you talking about ?
    Are you suggesting that Maschine should never be triggered via MIDI like other drum maschines ?
    Are you saying that Maschine is not capable of doing that and that you should always just drag the audio out to the DAW ?
    Why are you here if you don't like Maschine ?
  3. asloan7

    asloan7 New Member

    Something, probably fairly easy to implement, which drives me crazy and I have to do all the time in Maschine:
    Export Audio / Export / Sound Outputs - (do for each Scene) select only sounds which have Midi.
    I have lots of sounds, like 64, but maybe only 10 active in each Scene. So 54 would be empty if I export all.
    So I have to write down which sounds are active in each group before exporting, and then do again for all the Scenes!
    I don't like manual labour so much...
  4. Tomess

    Tomess NI Product Owner

    All great ideas here, but lets face it: nothing will change. Nobody reads this forum except the peoples posting in here. Its like an enormous, incestuous clusterfugg of good ideas :(
  5. Tooshka

    Tooshka NI Product Owner

    Feature request forums should only exist with super active developers, most developers are not that and end up with a never ending spiral of feature requests, that are either brilliant or absolute stupidity, and all mashed together, so the forum ends up entirely and utterly pointless.
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  6. JBlongz

    JBlongz NI Product Owner


    I think they are aware of this problem, but it's good to remind them with a direct email to support. It will give them a better idea the priority it needs.
  7. Mystic38

    Mystic38 NI Product Owner

    i am perpetually stunned at the esoteric nature of some feature requests... its like asking for a platinum spark plugs on a 1975 rotted out Honda Civic.

    There are mebbe just a dozen FUNDAMENTAL improvements needed to Maschine sequencer and routing.. if NI does those.. 95% of folk will be ecstatic
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  8. asloan7

    asloan7 New Member

    Maybe it would be better that Product Managers look here instead of devs, so the product doesn't get everything bolted on in some strange piecemeal way.
  9. asloan7

    asloan7 New Member

    More for the Export Audio / Export / Sound Outputs window (which DID get some attention in the latest release):
    - re-sizable window
    - track number beside check box
    - "export all active tracks" would solve my problem
    A way to do this would be to have a "export all active tracks" checkbox up top, which would put checks is all the track boxes that have note data.
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  10. daslicht

    daslicht NI Product Owner

    * Optimize Save Dialog When Saving Sounds, Groups etc, currently Maschine will always show the last used folder, it would make more sense if , when Saving Sounds , teh Sounds Folder is shown or when Saving a Group Folder etc...

    * CPU / Latency Monitor

    an overview which Plugin induce how much latency and CPU consumption would be nice , especially without PDC.

    * PDC

    * Show only untagged sounds:

    * Wider Tag Manger

    * To be able to set the Velocity of an event by using 16 Velocity Pad mode
    I loved this feature on my MV8000 and I am sure many will love it too :) it is so much faster to create a velocity 'pattern' than using an encoder or even the mouse.

    ... and than invert or flip ... it on other tracks etc ....

    * To be able to export Sounds with Samples and MIDI Notes / Patterns

    * Backup function which lets you easily transfer the whole Maschine Library incl. Usertags etc.

    * Zoom to Playhead in Piano Roll instead of just expand/shrink to right, that way we could
    zoom in a section without the need to continuous scroll

    * Set key via MIDI
    , It would be nice if we could set the Root , LO and HI Key with teh keyboard by playing a note.


    * Sync NKS Enabled Instruments Preset Browser with Maschine Browser, eg if you select a patch in Massive it should be reflected in the Maschine Browser as well. The only synth it is working I know is Vengeance Avenger!


    * Better Global Macro Mapping of Parameters.
    Mapping Global Macros is so tedios, chosing parameters form pages is odd:


    * Audio smoothing (fadeout) on Playback Stop / Start
    When we hit stop currently we often get nasty clicks. It would be much nicer if the Audio Output would be faded out ! There isn't any DAW or Music app available which offers such simple but very nice feature except ... winamp (the last time i tried it) :)
    Same applies to Start Playback, a softer start would be nice as well
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  11. thomas@goldfishsound.com

    thomas@goldfishsound.com NI Product Owner

    1. I would like to see the implementation of midi i/o in the groups and the master.
    This would enable inserting midi controlled plug-ins like Izotope Stutter Edit to me inserted on group/master level, and being controlled from any given track.
    2. The ability to access/modify Maschine macros from the Komplete Kontrol keyboard.
  12. Matt van k

    Matt van k New Member

    -,, Real´´ Stepsequencer (Analog Style 8 Step)
    - Colour change with machine Controller
    - More thank you for the NI Maschine Developer and programmers. Good work! thanks for MPC 3.0 :)
  13. dysanfel

    dysanfel Active Member

    Just give me the option of NOT using Maschine's sequencer and use the Maschine controller in my DAW's MIDI sequencer seamlessly without the need for self created templates and time consuming routing changes and workarounds. Sadly, It seems NI is moving in the exact opposite direction with the release of Jam which tightens Maschine's work environment rather than making it more flexible for alternative workflows.
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  14. BluttPugg

    BluttPugg New Member

    I want an option to make choke groups work across all groups not just the sounds of the same group. Maybe some parameter options around this idea. Maybe this is possible but I haven't figured it out as I am not a big user of choke groups. It would be great to put choke master samples in 1 group then sounds in other groups as slaves. Im new here but I'm guessing I cant be the only person to suggest this.
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  15. daslicht

    daslicht NI Product Owner

    Seen the new Halion Autosample feature ?
    THAT would be an awesome feature of Maschine as well !
  16. aqirforce2high

    aqirforce2high NI Product Owner

    1. Bring back Midi data to DAW while using maschine as VST (not in midi mode)

    2. Cross-Group Choking ^^^^

    3. Batch drag and drop of patterns or some other way of quickly getting all the pattern midi data into host DAW
  17. mickeyl

    mickeyl NI Product Owner

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  18. FastGraph

    FastGraph NI Product Owner

    Lets post it one more time: Groove Templates pretty pretty pretty please.
  19. markalex

    markalex New Member

    Only one request. Allow us to load new kits without having to re-assign the Ext Outputs for each pad every single time.

    I've heard a rumour that this is in Beta. PLEASE let it be true.
  20. daslicht

    daslicht NI Product Owner