an option to remove 'move macro' actions from undo history (well considered observation/request)

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    i don't whether this would be asking for anything harder than a few short clicks to preclude this as some kinda "low hanging fruit", or how much it would change for me personally either way, but posting this as a joke on the main forum seemed to indicate my line of thinking on the matter is sound, which is this:

    having an undo function for changes to objects position—while certainly necessary in the context of panel adjustments—is not easily justified in construction view (or edit mode) since such changes are outside the scope of effecting the working function of a structure itself, and even hamper the utility of using undo in walking back these—potentially critical—changes, which should be the primary consideration

    using undo intentionally to reverse such an edit (say the 'edit' is that you moved a macro 60 pixels to left because a wire coming out of it was blocking the view of something else) is not something i could say has never happened in my history of using undo, but it would certainly be a very rare edge case, and even then more a matter of convenience than necessity. in practice, at least with my workflow, the way it tends to play out is if i need to undo some meaningful change that was unwise or caused a problem, its normal to expect that a sequence of micro corrections to object location that happened in the interim—with no bearing on the actual problem by way of category—will necessitate spamming the undo function until they've been exhausted. in extreme cases the undo can be so watered down that the actual thing i need it for has been pushed from the stack completely, and while its been quite a while since the last time i remember that happening, im not sure paule's advice to forgo undo completely and save with every change is an indication that the current undo situation has been optimized to the point of "best that is easily possible"

    i know that at the very least, were an option for this to exist in settings, that box would have been ticked by me and forgotten about long ago. in closing, nothing is left here to be expressed, but an appreciation for your time and consideration in hearing my ideas on the matter

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