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Andre Detoxx Akai APC 40 + Traktor Pro TSI MIDI MAPPING

Discussion in 'DJ Controllers' started by andre_detoxx, Nov 17, 2009.

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  1. andre_detoxx

    andre_detoxx New Member

    Hello everybody!

    I wanted to share with u my tsi 4decks for Traktor Pro.
    This is a very basic midi mappings with LED light to help u out memorized the functions on the controller.

    I was trying to make as simple as possible, but feel free and change it if u preferred.

    I provided the picture with everything explained but if u have any questions just post them here.

    REMEMBER TO PRES THE MASTER BUTTON ON YOUR AKAI (TRACK SELECTION) by defaults when u will switch on your controller , the track selection is set to 1 so remember to set it as MASTER or some of the mappings will not work

    The sync button blinks green if u will use bend buttons to signal that is off sync. Pressed again the light will gone

    The play button blinks green when track loaded into deck and blinks red when the track is nearly finish ( in my settings there is 1 min warning)

    If u will turn the CUE LEVEL knob to browse the list up or down it will automatically change layout to 4d Browse to give u more space in searching for the tracks

    There are buttons to load selected track in the decks and when pressed the layout will go back to 4d perform

    There is only one modifier - SHIFT

    SHIFT + CUE LEVEL KNOB = master clock change

    SHIFT + NUDGE -/+ = fx unit2 change effect

    Ok so basically this is it i hope someone will find it usefully.

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  2. dj ibot

    dj ibot NI Product Owner

    thans looks very nice perhaps exactly what i´m lokking for.....
  3. MunicipalAudio

    MunicipalAudio NI Product Owner

    All this time mapping out my Maschine with my vci and now I have to try this. Traktor has put me into over time; I gotta check this out.
  4. PaulH1999

    PaulH1999 New Member

    Hi love the look of what you have done , was wondering how you load up the tsi file . ive just bought traktor so im a total novice , when i select the tsi file to load up with traktor , traktor doesnt find the akai any help would be magic

    Traktor Pro , Akai APC40 ,Pioneer DJM800 , Sony Vaio Laptop
  5. space monkey

    space monkey Forum Member

    Thanks, I study this when my 40 gets here on Wed.

  6. deepfunkysoul

    deepfunkysoul New Member


    Hey Andre

    Like your map it looks well thought out and clean. I'm new to this whole mapping realm and was wondering how hard it would be to add monitor cue buttons for each deck. The cue volume isn't a big deal but the cue on/off buttons would be great. I'm thinking your map is geared toward using external mixer mode versus internal mode so you don't need them. Does this sound right....or am i mixed up?:confused:


    hey, i have also mapped out my apc40 to traktor pro
    i have a question though...how do you map the shift button?
  8. vibot

    vibot NI Product Owner

    really good base I can work with for my mapping... thx alot!
    @deejaymirash: I think you have to work with modifiers, but I'm not sure too
  9. de wouzer

    de wouzer NI Product Owner

    thank you very much for this information. This is really amazing....

    I will test my midi configuration, if I know exactly what I want... I will post my midi map too.
  10. Marco78Polo

    Marco78Polo New Member

    Any way you could post something on how to map the LED's to be on or off?
  11. de wouzer

    de wouzer NI Product Owner

    This is information I found on another forum.

    The APC40's LEDs can be controlled super-easy by Traktor. Its just a matter of outputting either value 1,2,3,4,5,6 to change the LEDs from green/blinking green/amber/blinking amber/red/blinking red (I don't know if that is the respective order at the moment).

    I also downloaded the other tsi file, created by andre_detoxx.

    I combined this information... and found out how it works.

    But... I would like to make a short tutorial about this...
    I am not using my "music-computer" right now...
    so you will have to wait
  12. francesco.vettori

    francesco.vettori New Member

    Sorry...someone can help me? i'm a new costumer...how can I upload andre_detoxx's tci on traktor? what I have to do? Thank you guys!
  13. docp

    docp New Member

    Great man, thank you. I almost got crazy by tryin' to get the LED's work out the way i want them to. Your .tsi helped me a lot!

    Does somebody know a way how to switch between the hold and the toggle behaviour of the buttons without using some midi-translator like Bome. I think it must be possible but I cannot figure out how and the AKAI Website with the APC40 support is offline.

    Would be great if somebody could help me.
  14. fnk4

    fnk4 New Member

    Hello I'm new to this forum,

    I have installed traktor (scratch) pro on my computer and when i try to import the tsi file, you have to mark the settings wich you want to have in your traktor, but im not able to mark these.. categories, so im not able to load the tsi file!

    Am I using the correct version of traktor pro 1.01.070?

  15. TeLLy

    TeLLy NI Product Owner Extraordinaire

    You need to update your version to the latest, which I think is lik 1.2.6 or so now.
  16. fnk4

    fnk4 New Member


    Because traktor pro and scratch are 2 different things.. I dont know for certain..
  17. fnk4

    fnk4 New Member

    wich version of traktor is nessecary, traktor pro or traktor scratch pro? coz its 2 different things?
  18. milesahead

    milesahead Forum Member

    the "scratch" in traktor pro only means that you`ll be able to control your tracks (decks) with either timecoded vinyl or CDs.
    so traktor pro and traktor scratch pro are able to load mappings.
    but this is about the apc40, so please stay on topic.
    if you can`t tell the 2 versions, you probably better read the manual and search the forums about the basic matters, before messing around with something more complexe, so please:

    stay on topic. thank you.
  19. fnk4

    fnk4 New Member

    Ok so far.. Im ready to go.. I mapped the faders for the volume control of the channels.. and the master for the master volume the clip stop buttons as the cue buttons..

    But there is a weird sound in my music.. how do you get rid of this.?
  20. fnk4

    fnk4 New Member

    So now everything is good, I mapped my faders en master volume and the x fader, but I cant use anything of the fx unit 1! is there someone who also experienced this problem.. when looking into settings it seams mapped to me!

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