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Andre Detoxx Akai APC 40 + Traktor Pro TSI MIDI MAPPING

Discussion in 'DJ Controllers' started by andre_detoxx, Nov 17, 2009.

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  1. docp

    docp New Member

    I still got some problems with my midi-mapping:

    1.) When I use my Cue Button which I mapped to the Clip-Launch Matrix I often hear some clipping. Which other controllers I don't have this problem. Does anybody know how to solve this? I have increased the latency, but this solves the Problem only partially.
    2.) The sound gets very distorted if I give lots of graphical output to the APC, eg. when realizing a master volume indication with the scene launch buttons.
    3.) I mapped the Filters for deck A/B to the track control 1/4 encoders. But they behave very strange: sometimes they work fine, sometimes they don't react if I rotate them slowly but only if I rotate them very fast. Therefore I mapped the Filters to some faders which works fine, but I would prefer to have them working on the encoders.
    4.) I still don't know how to switch between the hold and the toggle behaviour of the buttons in the device control and track control section.

    If somebody could help me with these problems it would be great!
  2. fnk4

    fnk4 New Member

    But in my opinion the effects wich are standard in traktor, it sounds nice.. but its really nothing compared to a djm 800
  3. Lucio_K

    Lucio_K New Member

    can anybody provide the .tsi with the faders, x-faders and cue buttons mapped, please?
  4. davidnaples

    davidnaples New Member

    Davide update Andre config : 4 DECKS INTERNAL MIXER

    Hi Every , this is my update .... your suggestions are very appreciate .

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  5. Timmio

    Timmio New Member

    Just checked out the version from Andre and notice this is not in there yet, so FYI this is my own TSI with cues and a lot of FX (advanced and chained) in it. Check the attachments!

    Check out the vid on: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=-C2Lkx7NqNA&feature=player_embedded

    Also I'm still busy upgrading this and therefore already added EQ, main filter, and faders for volume and dry/wet (advanced) control, but I still need to update the mapping overview and an instruction video. So the 'beta' version can be found here: http://houseq.nl/index.php/controller-mappings/ (future improvements will be posted there).

    (note that mine is 2deck, if you need 4 deck, use the TSI from Andre!)

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  6. dj ROLi

    dj ROLi New Member

    Jus' A quick note to say thanks to Andre Detoxx for sharing his tsi file for the APC40. Was very useful.
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