1. Hi everyone,

    Apple just released Logic Pro 10.5 for MacOS 10.15. We found out that Massive X, Crush Pack, Mod Pack, Replika, and Replika XT will crash.

    Our teams are currently working on a fix, and we hope to have this out to you as soon as we can!

    Best wishes, 
    The NI Team

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Angry of London

Discussion in 'REAKTOR SESSION' started by Duncan, May 31, 2003.

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  1. Duncan

    Duncan NI Product Owner

    I bought this software under the impression that it was up to the job to actually DOING what it said on the box.

    Firstly, i only discovered that the Audio Unit support promised on the box isn't even ready whe I read the read me file on the disc. I've only got Logic 5.5 and therefore, use outside of the standalone version is out of the question and I'm not about to piss around with VST wrapper, so there goes my main reason for buying the sodding thing.

    Secondly, the software is as stable as a packet of cream crackers sitting on an active earthquake faultline. I haven't been able to open ONE ensemble I've downloaded from the site, keys stick, and if I'm not super careful choosing the presets the whole thing crashes.

    So, I want my money back. NI should have paid proper beta testers to sort out this **** instead of leaving it in the hands of people who had paid money in good faith. but I can't get my money back! Why? because the shop I bought it from, Turnkey, said that because I've registered it, which I HAD to do to download the patch which made absolutely no difference to the instablilty, they can't give me my money back. They also said that NI/Arbiter/whoever won't accept it back because it's been registered. Which is nice. So basically, I pay my money, find that it doesn't work, or, at the very least, doesn't even contain the functionality actually LISTED on the box (well, I'll give you the fact that 'Audio Units' was asterisked with a URL which redirects me to the update page - it's not available yet, so ultimately pointless).

    In conclusion, would you kindly inform me as to how I can claim my money back? I don't care what kind of copy protection either you or Arbiter use to protect yourselves from piracy, I don't particularly care for it when it's thrown back in my face as a reason for why I can't get my money back. I haven't done anything wrong. All I've done is pay £170 for something that is incomplete.

    Thank you.
  2. gmstudio99

    gmstudio99 Forum Member

    Yeah, we've been well aware of NI "box promises" over in the Dynamo forum for a while. Ugh.
  3. sonic61

    sonic61 New Member

    To be honest,the sales staff in Turnkey are just a bunch of monkeys mate. You may be better off talking to Arbiter directly, they are normally quite helpful in my experience.

    Just out of interest, are you running a windows or mac version?
  4. Duncan

    Duncan NI Product Owner

    Mac version, hence the need for audio unit support.

    And yeah, I've heard that Turnkey are a bit cack, but they're the best that lazy me has got. I've mailed arbiter about it as well.
  5. jameswh77

    jameswh77 Forum Member

    a) have you got the latest patch? - it has less bugs...
    b) turnkey are wankers, you dont ever wanna buy from there...
  6. Loafer

    Loafer NI Product Owner

    TRUTHFULNESS (The CAP Rules of Fair Trade)

    7.1 No marketing communication should mislead, or be likely to mislead, by inaccuracy, ambiguity, exaggeration, omission or otherwise.

  7. stephan_schmitt

    stephan_schmitt Moderator NI Team

    As one of the developers of Reaktor Session I feel sorry that we have caused so much anger and frustration.

    Reaktor 4 and Reaktor Session have been a very complex development projects, that we had to release under strong time pressure for a large number of platforms, interfaces and hosts (Win 98, Win XP, OS-9, OS-X, VST, AU, DXi, Cubase, Logic, ...). There was definitely not enough testing which I regret.

    And with a new standard like Audio Units there are even more unpredictable problems to solve.

    I can understand those who think about "money-back" and I will discuss with our sales people, how we can improve the handling of such cases.

    But to those who still have a little patience I can assure that we are working hard to fix all the problems and fulfill all our announcements about platforms and interfaces like Audio Units.

    We have tested a first version of the Reaktor Session Audio Units plugin in the last days and it will be on the website on next Tuesday.
    It is still not perfect, but should be usable in many cases. At least it shows that we are serious about AU.

    Version 1.0.2 with a lot of fixes will be available in about a week.
    Further service updates will follow in short intervals. So please stay tuned and give us the chance to change your opinion about the product.

    In a short time you will see, that Reaktor Session is worth more than the money you have spent for it.

    Thanks for your understanding.
  8. gmstudio

    gmstudio NI Product Owner


    Thanks Stephan, but the problem is that many of us expected this very thing out of Dynamo, and that was never delivered. Sorry, but this customer is lost. I'm not taking that risk again.

  9. Stonerwitch

    Stonerwitch NI Product Owner

    I for one will stick with RS. I don't use it at the moment, as it keeps crashing Cubase SL v1.3. I'm glad to hear that updates are on the way!! In a funny way, I've been forced back to using dynamo, and am getting great results from that.

    Oh, I noticed the RS faq section states that dynamo ensembles cannot be used with RS........yes they can! I've used them myself (in standalone mode of course, haha).

    It must be difficult to develop software for so many platforms. Why not slow the development of new software, and concentrate on putting out rock solid stable products?
  10. shatterglass

    shatterglass Forum Member

    I'll believe it when I see it

    I'm with Paul. As far as patience goes, many of us have been waiting since November 2000 for an update, so I find it hard to believe that service updates will suddenly appear at "short intervals," if at all. I just don't believe it.

    The Dynamo box and magazine ads said there was a "Logic Environment Object" in the box. There wasn't. There still isn't. Now the box claims AU support, but I know better now. NI will lie on the box to sell product.

    I'd like to see a trade-in program, where we could turn in our Dynamo CDs for credit toward a more stable NI offering. What's the chance of that?
  11. ronev

    ronev Forum Member

    Stonerw., I'm using Dynamo more and more, also, and getting good results.

    I guess sometimes we don't know how good a product is, until the "great improvement" comes along.
  12. sanfy

    sanfy NI Product Owner

    I think there should definitely be a realisation that it's better to release a product a month later and have it working to a useful level than to risk losing customers with a product that they're not going to be able to trust on important projects...it's one thing to have a few cosmetic glitches here and there, but any user who buys a package and spends more time rebooting than tweaking is never going to feel totally at ease using that product again, regardless of how many patches are released over that same month. It also kills the reputation of the company, and the prospect of returning customers.

    Having said that, it does appear that most of the gripes seem to be coming from the OS X/Cubase side...I'm using XP/Sonar 2/DXi2, and actually haven't had too many major problems (other than when my CPU is stressing out). But then I can't say I've used all the nooks and crannies of the product yet.
  13. headcut99

    headcut99 New Member

    Turnkey london are wankers

    i got a terratec phase 26 usb from turnkey
    over a month ago now and have got really pissed off with the guys at turnkey and same gos for the guys at terratec
    i have spent alot of time and hours ****ing around with the phase 26 usb to find that it wont set the drivers up right so there for i cant record any audio what so ever the bardstards at turnkey are trying to tell me that its some thing to do with cubase but i know thats bull **** i sent it back to them they say they had some tech guy have a look at it but i think that is bull **** in fact i think they sent me the same box back
    if any one out there has had any problems with the teratec phase 26 please can you let me know i have give up on this box and turnkey and going to get a m -audio sound card
  14. sowari

    sowari Moderator Moderator

    i think it would make more sense, if you started a thread, "help needed with terratec phase 26 usb".

    sticking it onto a thread that is 2 years old is not helpful.

    also have you tried it with any NI product?

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