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  1. Keir @ NI

    Keir @ NI Community, man NI Team

    As a registered Kore 2 owner, you'll be receiving the newsletter today about Kore's discontinuation. Along with highlighting the key points, I've answered some of the more frequent questions below:

    • We will not be developing Kore beyond its current generation. However we're continuing to update this generation of Kore and two further updates are on their way this year. The latest engine versions of Absynth 5, FM8, Guitar Rig 4, Massive, Kontakt 4 and Reaktor 5 will be integrated into Kore and 64 bit plug-in versions for Windows and Mac (OS X 10.7 support will also be added).
    • Technical support for Kore will continue to be available for an unlimited period.
    • Soundpacks remain available in our online shop until the 31st of July. With the newsletter, we have also sent each Kore 2 owner three Kore soundpack vouchers that are all good for one free download. We have also nominally set the price of all soundpacks to $59 and €49 respectively in order to make the voucher process as straightforward as possible.
    • Kore owners can take advantage of a special offer for Maschine at $399/€349. This is available only from our online shop. (If someone went with the Maschine crossgrade at a higher price recently, we'll refund the difference).

    And here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

    Will Maschine inherit Kore's features?
    The crossgrade is just a courtesy offer and Maschine should not be seen as a replacement or direct successor to Kore. Regarding the upcoming version 1.7 of Maschine, it will essentially make it possible to browse and load presets of NI instruments directly from the Maschine browser using a somewhat similar categorization concept, but it won't offer the specific sound design and database features of Kore.

    What happens to the KSD format?
    KSD's will continue to work in Kore, but they won't be compatible with the Maschine browser as they're based on the specific Kore concept and engine.

    Will NI continue to update Kore to cater for changes in operating systems and DAWs?
    We can't promise general compatibility for future yet-to-be-released operating systems or host versions, but Mac OS X 10.7 will definitely be supported.

    What will happen to the Kore player?
    The Kore player is still available as a back-up download.

    If you have any further questions please feel free to post them below.
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  2. wetdentist

    wetdentist NI Product Owner

    please someone make a .ksd batch converter for the new Maschine browser! if someone can make that happen, i may be able to forgive Native Instruments for all this Kore madness
  3. kb123

    kb123 NI Product Owner

    Thanks for the update Keir.

    Can you confirm what you mean by the latest versions of the engines. The latest versions of Absynth, FM8, Reaktor and Massive planned for Komplete 7 users exclude ksd support. Can you please explain how these will be integrated into Kore.

    Can you also confirm that Komplete 7 will remain Kore ready for the lifetime of Komplete 7 (as advertised when the product was purchased)

    If Komplete 7 and Kore are parting company, can you please explain how users, intending to keep their system kore ready, update their software with the latest bug fixes
  4. chrys

    chrys NI Product Owner

    Excellent question.
  5. Echand

    Echand New Member

    Cool - Lemonade from Lemons. Thank you very much for the extra effort you've put into this transition.

    About when will I receive the email? Should I contact support if I don't get it in a day or two?

    Do we have to use the vouchers by 7/31?

    Can I use the vouchers toward Maschine, Kontakt or any soundsets accessories for it?

    Are some of the sound sets slated to be released with Maschine - so If I buy a Kore version and upgrade to Maschine I'm not duplicating sound sets?
  6. nielsdolieslager

    nielsdolieslager NI Product Owner

    Just a heads up, Kontakt Retro Machines is missing in the Kore soundpacks.

    I'm happy with the vouchers, I'm going to get me true strike tension, north india and massive threat :)
  7. a1mixman

    a1mixman NI Product Owner


    p.s. Keir, it doesn't say when the crossgrade offer ends in the email. Also the price is $399 in the email and on the site, but it's $349 above.
    "•Kore owners can take advantage of a special offer for Maschine at $349/€299. This is available only from our online shop. (If someone went with the Maschine crossgrade at a higher price recently, we'll refund the difference)."
  8. tombuur

    tombuur NI Product Owner

    I don't see any Kore soundpacks at all in the shop or elsewhere.

    I guess they are down for maintenance while getting them ready for the voucher etc.
  9. Echand

    Echand New Member

    Oh I see that - $349 about, but email and site is $399

    I'm hoping it's $349 and not a misprint.:)
  10. iain.morland

    iain.morland Forum Member

    Re: the crossgrade, I think it was previously said that it would be available until the end of 2011.

    Regarding the soundpacks offer, this is generous although I think that it would be appropriate to extend it to Kore Player users, as many of them have invested a lot of time and effort in building and relying on libraries of soundpacks.
  11. laughingbear

    laughingbear Forum Member


    Thanks NI, that is a very nice move to ease the pain a bit!

  12. Kymeia

    Kymeia NI Product Owner

    Thankyou Keir - the offer is pretty much what I'd hoped and been rooting for. I doubt I'll ever completely agree with the demise of Kore but I appreciate you all making this effort.
  13. Echand

    Echand New Member

    Massive - I'm so dense

    Oh, I got Massive with Komplete, and I just realized the Massive expansion vol 1, vol 2, and Threat are on the Kore Soundpacks special offers page.

    All three say "200 brand-new MASSIVE sounds for KORE 2, KORE 2 PLAYER, and MASSIVE"

    So then is Massive part of this Kore dump?

    Repeat for Absynth
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  14. bigdaddywagon

    bigdaddywagon NI Product Owner

    Thank you Keir. I think this is a good compromise.
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  15. nielsdolieslager

    nielsdolieslager NI Product Owner

    Maybe the Massive and Absynth sounds will become available again in the new format. So this is either a chance to get them free or to get them before they disappear :)

    All sounds for Massive can be transferred to the new format.
  16. Ronny Bangsund

    Ronny Bangsund NI Product Owner

    I'll sip this lemonade and enjoy it :)

    I talked to a store owner today who has a bunch of NI products on the shelves. He was worried about how long the Kore soundpacks would be useful. Will NI be upgrading them to other engines if licensing allows? If so, would existing owners get that new version? He didn't like the idea of selling products with no future.
  17. nielsdolieslager

    nielsdolieslager NI Product Owner

    The KORE soundpacks can be found in the NI Online Shop here...

    @ Keir: I always thought the Best of Absynth, Massive and Reaktor packs should be given for free to Kore 2/Komplete 7 owners.

    Pay 147 euro for sound variations of sounds we already bought? Naaaaaa.

    Can NI give them to us? I don't think any Kore 2/Komplete 7 owner bought them anyway! They're only a few megabytes :)
  18. schrage musik

    schrage musik NI Product Owner

    Thanks to Thomas and Keir. This will pretty much complete my collection. Still not happy at the demise of Kore but I think I've been treated decently so, again, thank you.
  19. dysamoria

    dysamoria NI Product Owner

    ok I'm sick of asking politely:



  20. a1mixman

    a1mixman NI Product Owner

    I would hope so. But then again, who knows!:S