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Any Maschine Jam Midi Mapping Maniacs here?

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by ACIDST0RM, Mar 3, 2017.


    ACIDST0RM New Member

    I have the Maschine Jam and it's great, i like it more than my Studio thah i whould sale if i can get a old Reaktor/Kontakt Licence to unchain it from my Komplete crossgrade.....

    Anyway... i am Totaly into Mapping my Synths Midi CC (Waldorf Pulse2/Virus TI2) and Plugins (Waldorf Nave) in ControlerEditor.
    Spend days programming controlers to the touchstripes and clickpads, also made tons of sheets and Lists to understand these 128 CC's.
    The Synths realy come alive when you can control every parameter with your fingertips.

    Changing all the 64 LED's on the 8 pages was really a struggle with 7 clicks for each!
    what sucks is that you can't change the LED color for Toggel Mode in CC.

    i made a short document about the Midi CC programming with a list of the standart Midi CC if you wish i should post...
    also cold upload some templates somewhere in the future...

    Greetings S.
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    ACIDST0RM New Member

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  3. CakeAlexS

    CakeAlexS NI Product Owner

  4. Dasweetdude

    Dasweetdude NI Product Owner

    Looks good l bought a maschine jam a few weeks ago and looking forward to seeing what it can do in the way of midi control l could think of a lot of ways to use the jam.I'm really interested atm in buying the next edition which is a Mashine MK 2 or a Maschine studio l noticed on the back of the maschine studio it has 4 midi ports so deffinatly could do some cool things with it. Really would love to know the real key differences between the studio and Maschine mk 2 and also midi capabilities. Thanks for sharing ACID.

    ACIDST0RM New Member

    i don't need the midiports anymore: i do route the Maschine Jams midi information to my interfaces midiout and to different usb devices plugins....all in Pro Tools (can be done in others DAW's to).
    The Maschine Studio has a bigger display and a jogwheel and more buttons.....but i do not use any of it and it takes to much space....the mk2 whould be better but then the JAM gives me step sequencing witch i realy can use!