Anybody recommend a midi controller for Traktor Scratch

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR SCRATCH' started by demus whisper, Aug 7, 2008.

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  1. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

    Hey toh, as you probably know the LC2 is made for Ableton Live so even though you could map it for Traktor im not sure how you would use it to its full capability. I havent heard about anyone using the LC2 with Traktor to be honest.

    If you need faders the DJ2 is a good option.

    Its all down to how 'you' DJ and what 'You' need from a controller.
    You should buy the controller that best reflects how you dj and has all the buttons/fader/rotarys 'you' need. If you dont need jog wheels then the DX2 is a winner.

    All i would say is that the Faderfox units are all rocksolid, well made and very responsive controllers. but the key thing is that the DX2 was made for Traktor thats why its so good at what it does.
  2. AndresM

    AndresM New Member

    Ive seen djs (for example troy pierce) who use that controller and use traktor + ableton live, so they work with 4 chanels, two for the 2 decks of traktor and the other two for effects with ableton, wich they control with the LC2.

    If u can do that then go for it, its totally amazing.
  3. toh

    toh New Member

    DX2 it is, cheers for advice guys!
  4. Sasha Solo

    Sasha Solo Forum Member

    In my personal opinion I believe that for Traktor VCI-100 is top notch!

    I love my VCI

  5. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

    Yeah Sasha the VCI is awesome but it is a whole different kind of controller. If someone is using Scratch (thats what were are talking about) they probably (yes not always) dont need scratch pads and probably want to concentrate on the decks. In that case a small controller for sticking in loops and effects that doesnt take up too much DJ booth real estate is a good option.

    Horses For Courses as the English would say...:D
  6. xxKenjixx

    xxKenjixx New Member

    Thinking of getting Traktor Scratch Pro to use in tandem with cdjs
    Wondering is it possible to get a midi controller to control effects etc alongside a mixer instead of a mouse and also have the option to use the same controller to control traktor without cdjs if needs be.If so what would you recommend,nothing too high end regarding price..Hope that made sense,Thanks...
  7. george5764

    george5764 Forum Member

    how do, ive just been searching the net on this, but maybe ill get better info here... ive looked at the faderfox, and is there anything a bit larger, ? i come from a turntablist background, but ive been using cd decks for a while and dont want to lose some of the functions about them i liked. im after a controller that i can assign filters to, set up loops from, trigger cue points and also has pads that are large enough to actually play. the faderfox looked a bit pokey. has anyone used an mpd with traktor, ?


  8. Nishioka

    Nishioka NI Product Owner

    Anybody using the mpd32 with Traktor Scratch?

    I don't want to spend 250,- for another controller.
    Any peeps out there, who are using the MPD32 with TS?
  9. guerrillaradio

    guerrillaradio New Member

    I use an AKAI MPD 24. I have all my transport controls, loops, syncing, and I can do most of my effects processing. Very happy with it.
  10. Devant

    Devant NI Product Owner

    i love my korg nanokontrol. I have it set up to control everything so I don't even really need to use turntables. I also have a scene that is set up for if I want to use it with turntables to control the various effects.
  11. stormyloops

    stormyloops New Member

    hi guys!

    okay here's the deal. i've got a slew of gigs coming up in the next few months or so. and a local audio store has kindly agreed to sponsor me with Traktor Scratch Pro for all of them!

    problem is, i really want to utilise all 4 decks. been lookin around online but i figure the NI forums are probably best to ask my questions:

    1) can i switch between decks A/B and C/D using just two CDJs as provided by the clubs?

    2) Or should i just quickly buy a midi controller like the Xone 1D or this newcomer: for use alongside the club mixer

    any advice guys?

    thanks very much! :D
  12. erroldoherty

    erroldoherty New Member

    faderfox lc2

    Hi there, i`ve just bought traktor scratch duo.
    It`s excellent, really happy with it!

    I have used loads of programs in the past such as virtual dj, pcdj and more recently ableton.
    For the latter i bought a faderfox LC2 controller,
    i was wondering,
    has anyone already mapped this controller for use in traktor?

    The faderfox website only has mappings for the djx and dj2 controllers, which are specifically designed for traktor.

    please help!
  13. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

    Please dont cross post. Please use your other thread for this discussion.

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