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Anyone Using Guitar Rig live onstage?

Discussion in 'GUITAR RIG' started by dokrok5150, Mar 20, 2013.

  1. Ariajazz

    Ariajazz New Member

    I've been using guitar amp sims (software) live for the past 4 years with not a single issue, having a dedicated PC for it (Athlon II x 2 270 Regor and 4Gb RAM) using both Win XP and 7 operating systems. ESI MAYA 44 Xte interface with Hi Z input. output goes to two 12" speaker keyboard amps. I use amp sims as VST inside Sensomusic Usine host. Believe me it sounds amazing and possibilities are endless. You just have to learn how to set up your rig properly and will be more than satisfied.
  2. tuato

    tuato New Member

    I'm using a laptop, with behringer fcb1010 and gr5 and it works perfectly, but also with th2 overloud, amplitube, and other software. The sound is amazing and there is no delay between patches selection. I recommend try this option, but if you are going to play live, better if you have an standard multifx pedal board just in case of some failure....... you know what i mean.
  3. jackontheroad

    jackontheroad NI Product Owner

    Hello, it seems a really practical setup. What about if I use an ABY switch in order to play with real amp and guitar rig output (i.e. speaker amp) at the same time? (have more analog/digital stereo effect)
  4. jackontheroad

    jackontheroad NI Product Owner

    How do you change patche selection with behringer fcb1010? Do you use Guitar Rig in standalone mode or do you have some VST HOST software (i.e. Cantabile)?
  5. magek

    magek New Member

    Yes, you could ABY (A and B) to use both GR5 and your amp at the same time. The only consideration is the capability of your sound card/audio interface to get near zero latency as you may introduce another (unwanted) delay - your GR setup may have a few milliseconds of latency.
  6. Leon van zaan

    Leon van zaan New Member

    This is my setup, greetins

    [​IMG] [​IMG] [​IMG]
  7. stusaysmoo

    stusaysmoo New Member

    Hey, i get that this is an old thread but i wanted to add this for posterity as I too was annoyed with the jumpy loud spikes changing presets until i figured out a little fix...

    Basically you just add a volume pedal effect after your amp (and after your noise reduction and before any time based fx is best if you want to also assign that to a pedal later for some cool string/pad type effect fun) and use that instead of the preset level control to set the level for each preset...
    if you want to use the preset level auto sense feature you can still do that to learn what the normalised volume should be (+x,-y etc) and just apply that same level change to the volume effect... (just make sure the preset level module is always set to default, 0 or whatever don't change it)

    that's it. simples.

    Also if you have the same effect modules in the same order in 2 presets (even if some are disabled) you will have SEAMLESS patch changes.. which is simply unrivaled. Just add all the modules you need for a particular song to every patch and only enable the ones you want active for that sound to make this happen, its really sweet..

    Guitar Rig is still, in 2018, the most intuitive, versatile creative effects platform for guitar ever made in my opinion and I use it routinely. I am still hoping for a v6 at some time in the future, but honestly I am perfectly satisfied with v5 both in the studio and on the stage.

    Hope that is useful..

    Rock on!

    Last edited: Oct 2, 2018
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