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Are Maschine expansions a smart buy for Komplete 9 Ultimate owners?

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by Young Blew, Jul 21, 2014.

  1. Young Blew

    Young Blew NI Product Owner

    Hello all, I'm new here, and new to Native Instruments, so forgive me if this has been asked before. Here is the story along with my questions:
    I picked up Maschine MK1 from a pawn shop some months back. When I saw Maschine 2.0 and The Studio, I fell in love, and sold my Maschine to a buddy before ever really learning it. I caught the Studio during that sale a while back, as well as Komplete 9 ultimate upgrade during the sale a month or so ago. I saved a ton of money and am completely satisfied with both. I had three e-vouchers so I used them towards "Vintage Heat", "Marble Rims" & "True School".
    My questions are: In your opinions, are expansion packs worth getting with a library as large as K9U ( on sale two for one all week)? Are there any advantages to buying the expansions vs just using the sounds from Kontakt?
    If yes, why do you feel so and other than the titles listed above, what are the best expansions for Hip-Hop and R&B (Real Hip-Hop).

    I say "Real Hip-Hop", not to knock anyones hustle, but the game is watered down, and I hate half the $@!t I hear on the radio right now. I'm trying to up the ante, and make music as a Producer, not a one bar beat maker. I like real instruments or instrument sounds, synths, melodies and arrangements, i.e. DJ. Quick, DJ Crazy Toones, RZA, J.U.S.T.I.C.E Leauge, Dr. Dre……….and before you guys start to beat me over the head, I understand that hits have been made with less, and that the guys I named use session musicians at times, but most of us can't afford that, or want to do it our selves, which is why we buy things like NI sound libraries and instruments that emulate or were sampled from live gear. Thanks for any replies.
  2. b-righteous

    b-righteous Moderator Moderator

    You already got it figured out. You don't really need more expansions from NI with what you already have and the only other ones they got that fit what you are looking for are Helios Ray & Conant Gardens. Don't forget there are 3rd party Maschine kits too like the ones from Producer's Choice that are formatted for Maschine. Check out maschinepacks.com for a few reviews.

    Beyond that, the drum sample broker sells a lot of boom bap drums and loops from various sound designers but they are not in Maschine format and just .wav format. Better yet break out that vinyl and go to work sampling. But really you got plenty of sounds to work with already.
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  3. dazeja

    dazeja NI Product Owner

    I'm for getting anything that sparks a creative flow. I don't have Ultimate but I have Komplete 9 and yes it's a lot of instruments but sometimes that's bad for creativity because you are all over the place,( massive, kontakt,session strings, etc. ) looking for that perfect sound. With the expansions you can load them up and say to yourself that you are going to write a track with only this expansion. You can feel pretty confident that you can do it also because the sample projects are so good. Most sample loops or projects from other sound packs suck so it's hard to know if you can really benefit from it. Also I use the expansion packs to help me mix sounds as well. I use their projects to see what onboard fx and eq settings are good for certain purposes since I'm nowhere near a good mixer or master engineer.

    Now to completely contradict what I just said,,, you mentioned that you want to write more hip-hop with real instruments sounds. With that in mind Komplete ultimate is going to get you there quicker, if you find the sounds. I don't write Hip-Hop but to me the expansions you mentioned didn't impress me with it's "real" instrument sounds.

    Did you take a listen to the Contant Gardens expansion pack? To me , that pack was better suited for "real" instruments sounds or SOUlful hip-hip.

    Good Luck,
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  4. Young Blew

    Young Blew NI Product Owner

    Thanks for the info. I just kind of went with what every one was saying were good expansions online, and I may have over stated the "real instrument" thing. I'm none of those producers I named, so I may need to tone it down a bit and just ask which expansions besides the ones I own are worth getting?
  5. Mystic38

    Mystic38 NI Product Owner

    I think you need to try to identify exactly what it is that you think you are missing..?..

    tbh, You have a monstrous amount of stuff.. and if you cant find what you need in the 300GB or so of stuff you already have.............. :)
  6. Sound Raider

    Sound Raider New Member

    The audio demos on the NI-web-site are very good suited to decide, which of the packages may fit to a project - if it has to go quick. But as often, packages are a preselection of sounds, grooves, and ideas, of cause well made, but if used by many people, many will sound quite similar. If this is not a problem - then it's a very efficiant way to produce ... ;).

    One strength of Maschine is that all sounds of Komplete are included in a well structured and tabbed library, and, last but not least, the integration of external VST instruments and effects as well. If this is not satisfying enough, sampling real hardware and/or vocals and looping/slizing is dead easy and fun. At the end such a DIY "kit" will be yours and unique.

    There are some packages that might have sounds, that are special ... taken from analoque circuits, banging some real wood or metal, shattering glas, sounds you could not produce yourself easily ... check out these or look for a sample library. You have got Damage and Evolve already in K9U ... there is plenty of unique audio material to be found there. And don't forget some of the Reaktor-Synths - some are quite experimental and generate very interesting sound material with no effort ...
  7. Sherlock Homeless

    Sherlock Homeless Member

    This thread inspired me to start my own about the quality of the drums that NI provide. I own Komplete 9 and all of the Expansions and am busy getting to know the family at the moment.

    I can safely say that it covers every single eventuality and concept in a simple, easy to find way which can then be tweaked 12 ways from Tuesday in order to create what you desire.

    After years of messing around with internet kits, dumps from keyboards, chopped grooves from dusty records and all the rest of that jazz I don't even think I'll bother transferring my old library across to my Maschine. The NI sounds are just that good, they provide top quality patches that I can honestly say are far better than 85% of the stuff I'd previously owned/heard.

    Forget that old head "EQ the drums all day and night till they sit just right" crap, there are some sounds that I'd just use the way they are out of the box as they knock. At some point I'll probably go through my old founds to find the cream of the crop and bring them across but that won't be for a while yet.
  8. Fab

    Fab Member

    Expansions are very valuable but actual promo
    TWICE AS NICE Buy one MASCHINE Expansion, get one free valid until 28/07 isn't same level as CLOUD 9 of May 2013.


    Please don't speak about real SALE in real shops. It's not the same matter.
    Last year NI offered 9 expansions pack at 99 $/€...today to buy those same packs you spend 225-250€ and you can't even use e-voucher.
    In electronic world "aged" items should be discounted...instead today you pay more than last year.
    I'm a bit repetive but frequent returning customers should deserve better treatment from NI.
    It's unfair that an evanescent and casual buyer got 9 packs for 99€ (because was informed of the deal that lasted 99 hours) and an actual [TRAKTOR-KOMPLETE-MASCHINE got all em up][user] should pay more than double that price to buy same items today.

    A simple rule could make great money to NI:
    Continue to offer random and short DEALS to casual NI owners...BUT always DESERVE and RESERVE those DEALS for old, returning customers for a longer period, with a customized voucher to reedem in 6 months from DEAL.

    This way you got money from both, both are happy to take the DEAL, both will stai with NI and will be returning customers.
    Both will spread the flagship products quality without annoyance and frustration for that f***ing LOST DEAL.
  9. ntula

    ntula NI Product Owner

    i picked up the cloud nine and sold my duplicates on ebay.. lol... i have all of them except circuit halo, grey forge, and marble rims. most of the packs though i never have used.. too many sounds to deal with.. i was tempted by the new deal but decided to pass as i only wanted grey forge or arcane and i can pick those up when i get a voucher with k10u or mk studio and i think i will go with putting the funds towards new hardware, k712s, to use the software on. i went back and just started building my own "packs" out of akai sample cds and from what i already had using kore2. kore 2 is great for making new sounds because you have the morph feature. kore had a few hip hop packs i had that are better than the maschine ones.

    as far as being worth it.. the expansion pack just save you some time but you lose that hands on creative edge of doing it yourself.

    i think at a certain point you have to use what you have otherwise you will be so overloaded with new sounds you cannot do anything. it is obvious that most of the expansion packs are built from k9u sounds or factory m2 ones. i can hear expansion pack sounds that sound just like evolve/mutations. the hip hop ones you can get from zero-g and build your own.
  10. cyclicAMP

    cyclicAMP Forum Member

  11. kb420

    kb420 NI Product Owner

    I like the expansion packs. It's nice to be able to look at the included projects and sounds just to get some inspiration.
  12. Sound Raider

    Sound Raider New Member

    Exactly, you can always learn some nice tricks from expansion presets and projects.
  13. Young Blew

    Young Blew NI Product Owner

    Thanks for all the info guys. I got drunk and pulled the trigger on two "buy one get one free deals". The idea of getting them half price and being able to see the presets and plugins used to make sounds and multis sealed the deal.
  14. Dasweetdude

    Dasweetdude NI Product Owner

    Looks like a nice sale hope theres another like it.