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Attention TPRO Forums, please tell me the good news!

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR PRO / TRAKTOR SCRATCH PRO' started by jazzykat, Jan 28, 2009.

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  1. jazzykat

    jazzykat NI Product Owner

    hey guys,

    I am tired of reading about technical problems and bugs from everyone.

    I am ready to upgrade from T3 to TSPro... But I want to read some good reviews from veteran users of Traktor.

    I have been using Traktor's software since version 1. I have no problems/bugs/glitches with 3. Now I want to setup a new laptop with Traktor Scratch. But before I make that big of an investment, I want assurance from the elite veteran digital DJ's out there that a scratch setup works without a hiccup for them....
  2. chilly

    chilly Returning Customer

    Download the trial version and play around with it.

    It's free and is a completely separate install.
  3. The Assistant

    The Assistant NI Product Owner

    It depends on how you will use TP(S). Just A to B mixing, no worries. Effects? Generally no worries.

    1.0.3 will fix a lot of things. I would upgrade when it comes out.
  4. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

    The good news is PRO hasnt crashed on me once.
    The effects are sick.
    Sync (once used to) is unreal.
    GUI rocks and glows like the Crown Jewels.
    It isnt Serato :eek:
  5. The Assistant

    The Assistant NI Product Owner

    Yes, it's VERY stable and I use it quite often and in longer sessions. I think 7 hours is the record for me so far.
  6. TeLLy

    TeLLy NI Product Owner Extraordinaire

    Coming from TS1 and T3.3, I've been very satisfied with Pro once I got around to tweaking my Macs. It was downright unusable when I first installed it but after I stopped bitching and did some breathing exercises I did a full reinstall and now the current version of TSPro is running very well on my system. Can't wait for 1.0.3 to come out, I hear it's gonna be a monster.
  7. garvald

    garvald Forum Member

  8. Tone Def

    Tone Def New Member

    Work fine for me :cool: No nitemares wot i have been reading about on the forum​
  9. dj mutley

    dj mutley NI Product Owner

    working exellent from git go on vista wifi on nothing optimized.
  10. garysulter

    garysulter NI Product Owner

    running vista, optomised to the specs on this site... no probs onTPRO for me, using 5 nights a week 5 to 7 hrs per night... really liking pro...
  11. jazzykat

    jazzykat NI Product Owner

    Thank you all for your positive feedback. It is good to see you veterans are not having major issues. It makes me more confident in upgrading to Traktor Pro.

    I am going to build the following setup for Traktor Scratch:

    Dell Studio XPS 16 w/ vista 64
    WD 1TB External HDD
    Korg Zero 8
    2x Pioneer CDJ 800's
    Audio 8

    I cannot wait to get this setup going.

    This laptop is only going to have Traktor Pro installed, and I am only using it for mixing at parties/gigs and practice. I will average about 3 hours a day on it.
  12. oakstream

    oakstream NI Product Owner

    Hi jazzykat

    I haven't either got any issues with Traktor Scratch Pro, just make sure you optimize your laptop.

    I saw that you have an WD MyBook 500GB, I bought an WD MyBook Studio Edition II (1 TB), the plan was to use it with Traktor Scratch Pro, but the WD disks has a sleep mode function that you can't turn off and that's not good.

    If you've loaded two songs in Traktor Scratch Pro and the disk goes to sleep before you load another song it's going to take some seconds before ths disk is alive again and that makes your system slow.

    I'm not sure if your disk has this sleep mode function, but if it has and you can't turn it off, then you should consider buying another disk...

    I'm now using a Lacie disk with no sleep function.
  13. Wyley

    Wyley NI Product Owner

    Took TSPro out for the first time last Saturday and everything went smooth. Once I familiarized myself with the program's "new features" I felt confident enough to take it out (I'm weaning myself off T3). No problems.
  14. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

    @oakstream : read this that i took from a forum.

    "i finally called tech support and the guy told me you have to install a wd app. called "button manager" which apparently keeps the drive awake. seems to work so far, but really lame fix"

    Worth a look.
  15. oakstream

    oakstream NI Product Owner

    I've tried that but it doesn't work on my drive...
  16. Karlos Santos

    Karlos Santos Rocket Man Moderator

    Bad times.
  17. felipead

    felipead New Member

    Traktor Pro doesn't work with Sound Blaster X-Fi

    I have bought an expensive Creative Sound Blaster X-Fi Surround 5.1 (External USB) just to realize that it doesn't work with TRAKTOR PRO.

    It appears that this bug happens with the whole Sound Blaster X-Fi series.

    I've already tried the latest drivers, and all kinds of possible configurations.

    ASIO4All works, but TRAKTOR becomes instable when using it, crashing or distorting the sound very often. I can't use it to play live.

    I've read on other foruns that this bug does not occur with Traktor 3 and prior versions. Why is that?

    When is Native Instruments going to solve this bug?
  18. RufusWhite

    RufusWhite NI Product Owner

    You don't need the Audio 8 with the Zero 8 mate, the CDJs will just plug straight in, and Traktor recieves the timecode fine. I had a load of issues with the Z8 under vista so pm me if you have any probs.

  19. alex tomb

    alex tomb Forum Member

    yeah go for it,is working perfectly for me with no major issues at all...
    and the calibration process is much better than previous version i suppose...
  20. djdrixx

    djdrixx NI Product Owner

    Did a 6 hours gig yesterday for around 200 ppl.
    Traktor pro in external mixer mode controled in midi with Faderfox.
    I have beatgrided my tracks on the fly during the party.
    I've done some search on my library without any problem.
    Music was on external HH or internal and have imported and analyzed music during the party.
    No sound drops at all.
    Everything went smooth :)

    I am really impressed and happy with it.
    Last edited: Jan 30, 2009
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