Audio 2 and playlists -> tracks issue

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    I've just bought Traktor Audio 2 and combined with Traktor LE software it's amazing, but I have an issue with playlists.

    I want to use a playlist as a media player with queued songs and from time time add something to the queue. In order to do that I created a "GO" playlist, dragged the first song to A deck and activated the CRUISE MODE in the top right corner. The idea was to pre-listen tracks from library/playlist by putting them into B deck and let the A deck play automatically the entire "GO" playlist.

    To my surprise, the playlist behaves quite strange - after 1st song (on speakers) it switches to the B deck on my headphones :) Obviously I'd like the second track to be heard through speakers all the time :) How can I change that and play automatically ALL songs only from A deck leaving B for manual pre-listening?

    And second thing, is there any way to get rid of the "fade" effect between songs? I want to have 2-3 seconds break between tracks, is it possible?

    I'd appreciate any of your help!
    Thank you!
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    Ok thank you. I managed to solve the prelistening issue by activating an additional prelisten player (hidden by default).
    But how do I turn off crossfade time in Traktor LE???
    I can't see such an option in preferences and it's hard to believe that even LE version is devoid of such a basic function.
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    If the option is not there under Preferences > Mixer, I would consider upgrading to Traktor Pro. It’s only €49.50 right now and has a bunch more features.