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audio 2 wdm wasapi mode

Discussion in 'TRAKTOR Audio Interfaces' started by john dere, Jul 14, 2014.

  1. john dere

    john dere New Member

    hey all.

    i find the best sound and lower load in my setup is using wdm audio wasapi shared mode [see pic].

    it does not stay at this setting after closing and each time i load traktor, i have to manually set the audio settings.

    is there a way to set this as default? ini file? registry edit?



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  2. makar1

    makar1 Forum Member

    You can only use 1 output in WASAPI mode though, right?
  3. john dere

    john dere New Member

    hi there...

    no, i have channel a assigned to mix output and my phones in channel b and can monitor either or both 'decks'.


  4. john dere

    john dere New Member

    p.s. the load is so much lower in shared mode.. all other modes go into red.
  5. Bibeaux

    Bibeaux NI Product Owner

    I have another issue regarding WDM wasapi mode, because this causes my load to always go in red!

    I want to live stream myself and my friend doing a b2b set but OBS software recognizes my S4 MK2 only as two seperate channels... When I switch to WDM audio OBS software picks up the correct audio signal, but my Traktor only pops and crackles...

    Somebody here has some advice on how to cope with this?