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Audio and Realtime Time-Stretching in Maschine

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by Florian G @ NI, Jan 6, 2017.

  1. muitosabao

    muitosabao NI Product Owner

    this is great news. thanks for communicating so openly, but i fear that we will see the end of 2017 without getting our hands in such fundamental features.
  2. Alexmci

    Alexmci NI Product Owner

    looks like a pretty good time to have acquired a Maschine studio then.
  3. CakeAlexS

    CakeAlexS NI Product Owner

    Good stuff, and good communication thanks.

    Now what about fixing those old bugs blagh blagh etc/loop repeat.

  4. Scott_Theory

    Scott_Theory NI Product Owner

    Excellent stuff. Is there an estimated arrival time for this new update? My money is burning a hole in my pocket to get an analog synth.
  5. Organik_Dream

    Organik_Dream NI Product Owner

    That's really good news , the only sad thing based on the pace it's safe to say someone can go offline for 3 years and then come back to see what's new will be able to pick up where he left and wouldn't miss a thing...
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  6. Moffit

    Moffit NI Product Owner

    I've had my Trusty MK1 since inception and here we are still getting great updates ...Maschine the Maschine that just keeps on giving ;) :thumbsup: :D :p :)
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  7. Kaydigi

    Kaydigi NI Product Owner

    Fantastic news.

    LEGENDARYFINS NI Product Owner

    This is great news! Thanks for the info. I'm liking what I'm hearing lately.
  9. komeci

    komeci NI Product Owner

    this was my only complaint and i'm very happy it's coming. just got cubase 9 with revamped sampler that has that possibility, but i like working in maschine, and would very much love to do it in maschine, instead in cubase. great news
  10. luneytunes

    luneytunes NI Product Owner

    1. Just make sure its just like Ableton Live with the Warping Markers so each chops are flexible AND follow tempo with the power of Kontakt's Time Machine Pro; at least.

    2. Automatic BPM finder is a MUST

    3. Audio to Midi for the Hulk Smash!

    4. Take the built in turner out of Guitar Rig and put it on every track.

    5. Can we get the Performance FX to work on the MASTER as well as the Audio Tracks or Time-Stretching groups please?

    Last edited: Jan 8, 2017
  11. mezzurias

    mezzurias NI Product Owner

    That's exciting for sure. Live loop recording of audio would be awesome. one of the reason I started moving away from arranging in Maschine is because I record a lot of guitar and vocal parts. I've been able to workaround some issues ( record in bars then add a really long note in a pattern) it could be better. Audio tracks would definitely make me use lake another look at Maschine as something more than scratchpad.
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  12. bilposey

    bilposey NI Product Owner

    Make momma proud!
  13. Tomess

    Tomess NI Product Owner

    Everthing that improves the sampler is a really welcome announcement for me.
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  14. granmah

    granmah NI Product Owner

    Please, consider a feature to play only mono left, only mono right or mono left + right

    For me, these needs to be on the road for every pad on every group


    - Tempo per scene
    - Convert to mono en sample edit mode

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  15. Keir @ NI

    Keir @ NI Community, man NI Team

    It's difficult to give a date at this early stage. Work started a while back, and some very early features are in the code but it's still early days. As mentioned by Florian, the next step will be the beta test which should be happening in the (not too distant) future and will be announced on here and on our social channels.

    Once the beta is rolling there will be significant work and we'll do our best to keep people who aren't involved in the test updated on the progress via the forum.
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  16. Florian G @ NI

    Florian G @ NI NI Team

    Thanks for all the feedback so far! We also think it's important to have realtime time-stretching in the sampler, but we had to choose a path and considering the discussions we're currently having around the sequencer, this seemed to be the best place to start.

    Also, with regard to an ETA, it's essentially what Keir said. The groundwork for the Audio Track has started a while ago. Since it has to have many of the same capabilities as a Maschine Group, there was a lot of architectural work to be done first. Now that it's there, we have started adding actual audio features and will continue with that in beta, but it is not yet possible to say when we will have a public release.
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  17. pek

    pek NI Product Owner

    Hi Florian, and thanks for the update. Just one question: will the real time audio stretch be like the warp mode in Ableton (sorry for the comparison...)? I really love the markers idea, I.e. being able to say that a exact point is bar 2.1, bar 2.2, and so on...
  18. Rens Troost

    Rens Troost NI Product Owner

    This is extremely encouraging, Florian und Kier. Here is my audio wish list, hope you will consider:
    - convenient time stretching like live has with warp markers, also brought to the aampler
    - punch in/out with footpedal support and midi cc support to trigger. Also auto-punch.
    - comping at the level of live or cubase...a huge weakness of ableton.
    - support for celemony ARA for tight melodyn 4 integration. That would kick.
    - freezing maschine tracks to save cpu and also save the needless resampling hassle

    Thanks for asking!
  19. MusicLyfe

    MusicLyfe New Member

    This is Dope! Finally! Are there any plans on a feature to split a group of sounds up onto different channels? I use kontakt 5 for drums and it's a pain to cut and paste, to get each sound on their own channel.
  20. Florian G @ NI

    Florian G @ NI NI Team

    We definitely also like this idea of moving parts around individually and quantizing transients in the audio material :). Our new approach to releasing features is to go in increments, though, so this will most likely not be addressed in the first release. And beyond that, we cannot make any hard promises as of today.
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