audio crash after 5mins - 3.0.2 driver issue

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  1. davegordon

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    Hi Guys,
    I am having severe problems with the newest driver. It varies between 5- 20mins but all of a sudden the sound stops working. The buttons and lights work on my s4 but the music will not play. I have tried reinstalling everthing so many times and I am very frustrated. I bought the s4 thinking it would be free from bugs after having MANY frustrations with a poor laptop and AN maudio xponent. I bought a brand new powerful laptop and now the s4 seems to be far worse as i cant use it at all without mjor failings. The original s4 worked well when it came out of the box with the driver it provided but I cant seem to find the disc therefore why can NI not supply or have the older drivers available to download. So many people are having problems with the asio 3.0.2. sound driver and have requested the 3.0.0. driver but again to no availabilty from NI. Please NI sort this problem out or alot of people will be reverting back to CDJs very quickly!

    A very unhappy customer!

  2. tigrutz18

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    i have the same problem ! audio stops in 3.0.3 and i have to disconnect and reconnect the kontrol s2 to work and i want 3.0.0 too !

    a very unhappy customer too !
    please PM me a link to download 3.0.0