Audio dropouts since switching to SSD

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  1. ColinHQ

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    Hi, I recently replaced my HDD with an SSD, then a fresh install of Windows 10 (64bit) and all my other programs.

    I now get dropouts and crackles when using Traktor and other apps that use the Traktor Audio 6 soundcard. This never happened before.

    Anyone got any ideas? I've tried adjusting the buffer/latency multiple times and followed the troubleshooting guide.

    It's an older laptop but haven't had any problems untill now installing the SSD.

    i5 @ 2.50ghz
    16gb ram
    NI Traktor Audio 6

    Edit: I've removed and reinstalled the drivers for the Audio 6 but still the same issue.

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  2. Quade

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    Apologies, i only read now " Fresh Install Of Windows 10 "

    I just took in my laptop for screen replacement today ( SADLY ) as this morning i turned it on & the LED seems to be dying All Of A Sudden....

    Drop me an email & i'll i'll see if i can gmail chat with you tomorrow, if you are using a windows windows machine, i may be able to assist you to optimise your machine( prior to my settings i use for my Gigabyte Q1542n ) which i am running at 8gb Max RAM , 2.50ghz i5 2nd Gen CPU & my cpu load on that with a 128gb SSD drive installed runs 1/4 smoothly , no crackles, no audio drops.... & once i get your mail & my laptop tomorrow, i'll i'll guidr you through some processes.
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  3. Sussudio

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    I agree.

    My guess is the SSD is not the problem. Just your fresh Windows install, not being optimized for audio playback and maybe some drive-issues. I would start with disabling all unneeded drivers (like Wifi, LAN, Webcam, internal soundcard) and go through the audio optimization guides you can find in this forum.
  4. DJ5D

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    Sounds like optimization is the key here, and the tricks keep changing as they continue to keep messing with win10.

    here are a few tips:

    Make sure you are choosing the ASIO drivers for your sound-

    Go thru the Win10 optimization- here's a good guide

    Note: win10's latest update in Aug 2019 removed the ability to turn off USB selective suspend, here is the solution:

    Use an app to disable background services at a click, this is essential- there are several available one i found that works nicely is "Killer Control App" center.