Auto-Find Missing Samples

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Lowkus, Feb 24, 2018.

  1. Lowkus

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    There should be a way to point a Reaktor ensemble to the approximately correct location for missing samples, and then have Reaktor automatically find all the missing samples. Or if it doesn't automatically find all missing samples across multiple subdirectories, at least allow us to point to a folder and have it detect as many missing samples as it can within that directory. Having to manually locate samples after they have been moved to a new folder is nearly impossible (the Form ensemble is asking me to locate 800 custom samples, one by one).
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  2. bensonreakt

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  3. Broken

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    I'll give this a definite +1 and a bump. I recently had to move some samples and broke a lot of patches. It's a huge PITA to find the missing files.
  4. dikkedimi

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    Yes, Maschine definitely needs this. I'm just about ready to throw it out the window because of this. As if a laptop dying on me wasn't bad enough, now I have to waste time searching for samples manually. What's even the use of defining your user directories if Maschine just doesn't search them?

    Ableton has their shizzle together at least. Makes the switch a lot easier.
  5. Paule

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    If you load a R5 ensemble which is saved before version 5.9.4 in Reaktor 6 you'll get the message: missing samples.
    The same ens save again with R5.9.4 don't give out this message in R6. If you own R5 please save this ens before use in R6.
    That's the whole secret.