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Auto Loop length longer than 32 bars

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by Joel Frame, May 30, 2018.

  1. Joel Frame

    Joel Frame New Member

    I think this request is summed up by my recent post on the help forum:

    I am looking for a mod that can enable me to modify / replace the auto-loop length values either in Traktor Pro as a whole, or just on the S8 / S5 interface. Ie, when you activate the loop scroll button on the controller.

    Rather than a maximum of 32 beats, I want to be able to on the fly, loop entire phrases, so 64 beats, 128 beats, etc.

    I have no use for the tiny loops in my sets, so would happily be without them.

    I know that there is a work around - that you can activate a loop, and then on the laptop traktor interface use 'Move>Loop out' to push out the loop length to 64/128 beats and effectively achieve what i am asking for - but I want to be able to do this when performing (ie not use the laptop at all). So that is why i'm wondering if you can change the Auto-Loop values to include these higher numbers??

    I have searched long and hard and I can't find a definitive answer to this question. But if it has been solved, please pass on the link.

    Please help!
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  2. shamoo!

    shamoo! NI Product Owner

  3. Kenneth Reid

    Kenneth Reid New Member

    If you're not doing it on the fly, you can keep halving the BPM of the track to create the loop, then double the BPM again once you've saved the loop. If it's in a live setting it's obviously not a real option.
  4. Cheef Roberts

    Cheef Roberts NI Product Owner

    The S4 MK3 has no loop in/out buttons unlike the MK2. To make a 64 beat loop what I do is make sure snap is turned on, press loop in on the laptop, beatjump forward 32 beats twice using the move encoder on the S4 and press loop out on the laptop. You can then save the loop by pressing a hotcue button. I know you said you want to avoid using the laptop but this is a workaround at least and doesn't use the laptop very much either.

    I've not checked but maybe there is a way to map loop in and out to the MK3.
  5. shamoo!

    shamoo! NI Product Owner

    Yes I did find that pushing loop in then waiting the number of bars (64/128+) then hitting loop out does the trick. I didn't know about saving it as a loop hot queue tho.

    I use mod for my S5 to get these functions on the hardware, there's probably a mod that does the same for the S4.