Auto-name new (empty) groups using info from the instrument loaded

Discussion in 'Feature Suggestions' started by basehead617, Nov 20, 2019.

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    Most people are probably like me and use a single group for an instrument part, e.g. one group for 'bass', one for 'keys', etc. since groups are kind of a stand-in for 'tracks' more than sounds are.

    One of the biggest annoyances in making a track to me is having to leave the controller and go to the computer to use the keyboard and rename e.g. 'Group 2' to 'Bass' and the like. It would be great if it could name a previously empty group based on the first sound loaded into it. If you're browsing by tags, it could use a higher level tag grouping like 'Bass' or 'Synth Pad' to name the track. It could use a VSTi name or patch name. Really anything but 'Group [x]'.

    I realize this is kind of a tough thing to implement without a clear design - and also if you are the kind of person that starts adding different sorts of sounds all to the same group, it would be confusing if it auto named it to just one of them, but I definitely think 'auto name groups' could be an option you toggle. It is the ONLY thing I have to stop using the controller for and it's a pretty important one.
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    Yes, please.
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    +1 from me as i made an allmost identical suggestion a few weeks ago (still on page 1 of this forum).