Automatically reset the transposition when loading a track

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    Since the "harmonic mixing" update is coming, I wonder if it will be possible to automatically set the transposition to "0 semi-tones" when you load a track on a deck.

    Current (inconsistent?) behaviour:
    - you want to mix a Bm track on deck A with a Cm track on deck B
    - you lower the Cm track down one semi-tone to match with the Bm key
    - you play the tracks and when the deck B track is over you put a third track which is in a key of D major
    - the problem is that Traktor keeps the "one semi-tone lower" setting you applied for the previous Cm track
    - the third track is thus in C#, which is (normally) not intended
    - you have to remember that the deck was lowered and mount one semi-tone to keep listening to the actual D major

    Maybe just an option to automatically reset the transposition when loading a track would be appreciated. I have the impression that for the moment it is the entire deck and not the track that is transposed. So maybe we should just have a choice : 1) deck transposition OR 2) track transposition. What do you think about that?

    Just for the record, I play with a Kontrol S8 and the last Traktor 3.

    Thank you very much. If my English is not clear, don't hesitate to tell me, I will take my time to explain more in detail,

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    Yes! And please add support Camelot Keys (Mixed In Key).
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    They did it! And the new key display is way better than the old one (on the computer screen as well on the Kontrol S8 screens):

    FIXED Engaging Key Lock does not reset Key Offset
    When engaging Key Lock, a potential key offset is now always reset to ensure that the track plays in the original key.

    They also fixed two bugs concerning the layout manager (that did not remember our workflow correctly) which were annoying, especially the first one:

    FIXED Last visible layout overwrites first layout in list after restart
    The last visible layout before shutting down the application no longer overwrites the first layout in the layout manager.

    FIXED Advanced panel visibility not recalled after restart
    The visibility of the Advanced Panels is now correctly restored when restarting the application.

    Great update for me.

    Thank you NI :)
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