Automating Mod Wheel in Ableton Live

Discussion in 'FM8' started by ANW, Jan 5, 2015.

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    How can I draw in the automations of the mod wheel in Ableton Live? even when I record myself live with the mod wheel I can't see or manipulate the automations like with every other VST. Is there a trick to this"?
  2. nautonnier

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    In case anyone is searching the internet for an actually helpful answer (like I did) and comes across this, Live 10 inexplicably *still* doesn't allow CC messages from a controller through the host (Live) to a plugin and capture that as automation in the arrangement view. All other major DAWs do this. It's just dumb.

    You CAN automate CCs with clip envelopes. But this isn't a good solution because chances are you have small clips and want slow changes to occur across a longer time period. How you would have to set this up is to create a new MIDI clip (probably on a different track) that is the length of your change and then use clip envelopes. But this is less than ideal as now you have arrangement-style envelopes in two different places with two different workflows.

    The only real solution right now is to use a Max4Live effect which captures your CC data from your controller and forwards them on to the plugin. You can now draw/edit the automation across time in the arrangement view. Unfortunately, Live 10 Suite doesn't have one of these as a standard effect that comes with suite. Even more dumb (and you're totally SoL if you are using the standard or lite version). The good news is there are a few of them out there. The one I like to use is found here: Thank you Monolake (and others) for putting this out there!