Automation Curves + Tempo Automation 2in1

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  1. mason drielling

    mason drielling NI Product Owner

    LFO Automation Curves + Tempo Automation in one simple stock plugin.

    Control any parameter from this (proposed) stock "sidechain?" plugin in 1 of 4 ways using a switch

    First, put the plugin on a group or a sound
    Second, select the parameter to you'd like to modulate,
    Third set it to modulate via;
    a - LFO
    b - LFO Sync
    c - (triangle, sine, saw, random)
    d - Envelope
    e - Or just set the Minimum/Maximum value (for Side chain and/or macros)

    Fourth, finally set an amount by which it modulates.

    OR put this proposed plugin on the master bus and get automation curves for master parameters like volume, tempo and swing.

    Would allow for cool new stuff like Tempo + LFO, Swing + Envelope,
    And easy way to accomplish basics like Fade outs, Fade ins, LPF Sweeps etc, maybe midi and velocity modulation too
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  2. Psyearth5

    Psyearth5 NI Product Owner

    It would be great feature to have LFO for any parameter to shoose, it would make some things a lot easier