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  1. b-r@nno

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    Hi all

    As I am usually using my MK3 while my laptop is in its bag / not near me i come to the following suggestion:

    as long as one uses "predefined groups" they all get named propperly. but as soon as i start building my own groups, the group name just stays like "Group A / B / C..." and so on. It gets a bit messy with times as i would have to take the laptop out of bag just to name the new created groups (i'm using groups like "channels" in other DAWs rightnow, so mostly only 1 VST is inside them). because during a "wild jam" I'd like to know where my Bass-Synth / Vox etc. is (Group A? B? C?...).

    As soon as one loads an VST / Sound / Effekt or whatever in an empty group, it would be nice if Maschine SW could just name the group.

    Empty Group = Named "Group A"
    Loading a Sound into Soundslot 1 of Group A = Group A gets automatically renamed to the name of that VST (regardless if its an VSTi or VSTfx..).

    Hope this will be possible. It would help me to stay away from the laptop and keep beeing organised.

    Thanks for your supporting "likes" ;)

    And yes, you all are absolutely right: It's low low low low priority, better work on "Songfeatures" and other functionality, but anyway, i wanted to put this here on the list before i forget this "need" i have:D
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  2. D-One

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    What would happen if you load a second instrument on Pad2? Does the name remain the same as Pad1 or changes to the new instrument? I only see this being useful for people who use 1 instrument per group only.
  3. b-r@nno

    b-r@nno NI Product Owner

    For me personally: nothing should happen when loading another VST.

    I just dont want to guess: are the strings on group E1 or on G2 etc.

    Ofcourse it would be nice to be able to name something straight from the Controller, then i wouldn't "beg for autonaming"

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  4. Bito

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    Rather than naming the group after the instrument/sample we load in a sound-slot, a group could be named after the color it has. This obviously should be optional, but a customizable color-naming option for all groups in the preferences menu could help everyone who works with a consistency structure. For example: The blue group could be named bass. My E-group is then named bass at the beginning.