<B>Tracks No Longer Play & TAP Feature Gone

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    [/BNeed answers to a few questions. But first, here's my story.
    A few months ago I got a virus on my Dell laptop.
    I had no choice but to reboot back to factory specs.
    Prior to rebooting, I had all my music in the laptop and was in the process of backing them up on DVD's as data.
    Thankfully, the virus did not affect any of my tracks. It just would not allow me to open most of my programs.
    I was able to back-up my entire music library as well as tracks I was working on.
    After rebooting, I installed Traktor. Once I opened Traktor with the configurations, I noticed during the analyzing of a few traks that the BPM was at zero. I tried to play the track and an error appears saying that the file is either currpt or missing or protected.
    These were tracks I was able to play prior to rebooting the laptop.
    QUESTIONS: Why did this happen? Is there a way to make these tracks play in Traktor again? If so, How?

    Also, prior to rebooting & reinstallation of Traktor, I had a TAP button in Traktor that allowed me to TAP to the beat of the music and it would correct & update the BPM's of the track on the fly. However, after the reinstallation, this feature is gone.
    QUESTIONS: How & why did this happen? Was it removed in an update? Is there a way to get back?

    Any help would greatly appreciated.