Basic understanding of Clips in the scene arranger

Discussion in 'MASCHINE Area' started by rocadaburn, Mar 4, 2009.

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    hello everybody out there who tries to make excessive use of scene arrangements from the hardware!

    Am I getting this behavior right:
    everytime I choose a pattern via Pattern->Pad#, a clip is generated within the selected scene?

    Is there some sort of 'pattern only mode' which allows me to choose single patterns for playback without affecting the scene arrangement?

    I was arranging scene 12 as I realised, that whenever I hit the pad to choose the pattern the select scene changes the according clip.
    Really annoying, e.g. when you play scene 8 just to hear what`s going on there, then want to hear pattern A->A4 which should usually play in scene 10 => this pattern will then be played in scene 8...

    and in a live situation: when I fire up an arrangement with preselected scenes, then want to improvise with different patterns, this will destroy the scene which was currently playing and it`s impossible to get back to the original arrangement?

    A workaround would be to select an unused scene before improvising / previewing pattern, and the return to the original arrangement by choosing the corresponding scenes. BUT it`s annoying to remember to switch the scene :S

    wouldn`t it be good to have only the selected patterns playing when you have pattern mode locked and only having the arrangement play back the scenes ONLY when you have locked scene mode?

    Or would this destroy some other part of workflow which I just don`t see at the moment?

    best regards


    Edit: ouuuuh - another annoying thing: when the above happpens and I want to revert this, I cannot just press 'remove' to the corresponding pattern, because this deletes the pattern (with all its notes and events in it); I have to enter and lock scene mode, choose the right scene if another scene is playing meanwhile, then press pattern+remove.
    This removes the clip from the arranger, the first procedure deletes the content of the pattern :(
Thread Status:
Not open for further replies.